No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2693

Benedict took a deep breath as stomped his feet silently. He gave up any words of protest. He would have to go in eventually anyway, and would just be scolded if he continued to drag things. He walked in front of the door with reddened eyes.

When he pushed the door open, he basically had the resolve to die. When everyone saw the door close, their moods all sank.

Even Conrad, who had been so full of spirit, shut his mouth as he looked at the door with a conflicted expression. He believed that everyone who entered that door would have their own plans. After all, it was impossible to take it by force!

Only by relying on schemes and tricks would they be able to do anything. However, no one had the confidence that their plans would succeed. Time ticked away, and after about half an hour, there was movement behind the door again.

Benedict walked out clutching his arm. Even though he did not need anyone to help him out, he was still injured in multiple places. When he got out, Benedict moaned, “I didn’t even dare to get too close. Thankfully, the phoenix is being held back by a chain, or I wouldn’t even have had the chance to come out.”

When he said that, everyone’s moods sank even further. However, Jackie raised an eyebrow. Earlier, Jackie had been curious. Since it was a spring solidifying realm beast, it would definitely attack viciously if it was angered. Even though Jameson was carted out with his body covered in heavy injuries, he did not die.

Jackie felt like they would have at least ended up with a broken limb or two even if they were saved, but Jameson’s condition had been better than Jackie expected. On top of that, Benedict’s injuries led Jackie to be even more sure that the phoenix was restricted in some way. Otherwise, the two of them would have only been able to come out with even heavier injuries. If unique chains were restricting the phoenix, then it really should be safe.

In truth, there was no need to ask about the results. Benedict definitely did not manage to get a fruit either. Elder Maurice sighed. Even though he did not expect anything, he was still a little disappointed to see that Benedict really did return empty-handed.

The next to enter was Claude. At that moment, Claude was incredibly tense, seemingly about to snap at any moment. He felt like there was a huge boulder on his shoulders, about to squash him at any moment. However, no matter how bad his mental state was, he still had to go in. If he returned empty-handed as well, Elder Maurice would definitely blow up.

Before he entered, Elder Maurice suddenly grabbed Claude’s arm and said, “Listen here, you‘re not allowed to fail this time!”

Claude widened his eyes suddenly, looking like he was about to cry. At that moment, he had already lost all his confidence after the last two rounds. Elder Maurice had even told him that he was not allowed to fail, causing him to feel like it was difficult to even breathe.

After Claude entered, Jackie looked at Conrad again. In truth, Jackie did not have much faith in Claude either. After all, that guy was only confident at the start. There was no way he could defeat a phoenix with his meager smarts.

He would probably end up just as heavily injured as Jameson. If Claude lost, then only Jackie would remain. If Conrad managed to pull off an unexpected win like during the second stage, then they would be done for. Jackie was actually quite worried at that moment. Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne were feeling the same as well. The three of them all looked at the door anxiously. They really wanted to see what kind of plan Claude had in mind and whether he had any hopes of winning.


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