No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2692

“What are the two of you doing? At the start, weren’t the two of you full of confidence and promises? You felt like you’d definitely be able to win, and insulted Jackie for dragging the two of you down. Why are you so different now? Where’s your bravado? Summon all of it out right now! ” Elder Maurice was far too angry, and his temper was evident from those words.

Mr. Zayne and Jackie looked at Elder Maurice helplessly, feeling like Elder Maurice was doing the exact opposite of what he wanted to. No matter how angry he was at the time, he should not have voiced it at that moment. After all, they were about to enter the part of the tournament that would determine their victory. Anything he said at that moment would just be for the sake of venting.

Even if Jackie did not want to say anything at that moment, he was forced to step up. He pulled Elder Maurice’s arm and said, “Elder, please don’t be angry. Anger is pointless right now.”

He walked forward and stood in front of Claude and Benedict. Jackie was incredibly frustrated by the two of them. After all, the two of them had acted so arrogantly before, opposing him at every turn. Yet, it was not the time to think about that.

If they continued to allow the two of them to spiral downward, it could very well affect the results of the third stage. Jackie really did not want to be dragged down!

He let out a slight cough and lightened his tone, “I know the two of you are under a lot of pressure right now, but you need to know how important this is. If the two of you continue letting your mental state go on a downward slope and lose in the end, the two of you know very well what kind of consequences you’ll face! It’s no longer the time to be so conflicted. Summon all of your courage. Even if the final result ends up not being ideal, you’d at least have tried…”


At that moment, a huge noise was heard from the door, causing Jackie to stop his motivational speech. Everyone looked toward the door.

In a moment, Jameson was dragged out by two stewards of the Sky Peak Sovereign. Jameson’s eyes were half shut, and he constantly groaned. He had many injuries on his body, and his arm was full of blood. If the two deacons had not been carrying him, he would not have even been able to stand.

The moment they saw Jameson’s condition, all of the participants let out a shiver. That was a little too absurd, but even after not entering for that long, Jameson was actually injured to that degree.

Master Forrest did not waste any time and immediately summoned up some errand disciples to bring Jameson in for treatment.

When everyone saw Jameson being escorted away, they did not feel that great. They were not sympathetic to Jameson, but rather it was just because they were about to encounter that very same scenario themselves.

Based on the results, the next would be Benedict.

Benedict gulped a few times as his eyes continued to dart all over. Countless thoughts were circulating in his head, and he even had the urge to give up on the contest.

Elder Maurice berated, “Don’t have any wild thoughts! It’s almost your turn. You have to do your best. If you actually dare to lose this round deliberately, I’ll immediately tell the valley master. Don’t even think about getting out of this unscathed!”

Benedict’s whole body shivered at that, and he almost cried. The mood turned serious again as Master Forrest’s gaze swept over everyone, not saying anything unnecessary, “Next! Benedict! Go inside and remember, you only have an hour.”


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