No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2691

Jackie was still alone in the end. Elder Maurice felt incredibly suffocated, and Mr. Zayne merely shook his head silently.

Master Forrest pointed at Jameson, who was standing there quietly, “This time, let’s go with the one with the worst results.”

Jameson’s face darkened. Master Forrest had not minced his words at all. It greatly embarrassed Jameson, but Jameson had nothing to say back. After all, there was nothing he could say. He walked out of the crowd and reluctantly stood in front of the door.

Master Forrest pointed out a finger and said, “One hour! Everyone has one hour. If you can’t manage it within one hour, or end up being heavily injured by the phoenix, you’ll be considered a failure. Understand?”

Everyone nodded earnestly. Master Forrest raised an eyebrow as he said bluntly, “Why aren’t you going in yet? There’s no point in dallying around.”

Of the three participants from Sky Peak Valley, Jameson had performed the worst. Master Forrest naturally did not regard him that highly. Jameson’s lips twitched helplessly. He pushed the door open and walked inside.

When the door was opened, the participants all saw the scene inside. There must be an illusory array inside because what they saw was a large plain. On the plains was a phoenix that was the size of three humans crawling around the plains. Next to the phoenix were six Green Phoenix Fruits. After the door was shut, they stopped being able to see through. After they averted their looks, they felt even more apprehensive.

Jackie was the calmest person there. He had seen the phoenix earlier, and the phoenix was at the early stage of the spring solidifying stage which was a relief to him.

To some people, the hour was just time to chit chat. However, they could not discuss their strategies, so they were forced into some pointless topic, like words of encouragement.

Since Conrad had been the key to the Sky Peak Pavilion turning things around and winning the last right, Master Forrest’s attitude toward him had improved by several times.

“Don’t be so nervous later. The more nervous you are, the easier it will be for you to make mistakes. You have to calm yourself down,” Master Forrest said gently.

Conrad nodded at that, and patted his chest in reassurance, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely do well. I definitely won’t drag us down! I’ve already thought of a plan, I’ll definitely get the Green Phoenix Fruit.”

The more confident Conrad was, the more worried Phoenix Valley got. Elder Maurice’s face was stiff. If Conrad really did manage to get a Green Phoenix Fruit, then they would lose again.

They would have to pay up a lot of resources. It would be the worst result. When they got back, he might not even be an elder anymore.

Elder Maurice looked on as Claude and Benedict still shivered away. They did not possess any form of bravery, let alone confidence. Just looking at them caused Elder Maurice‘s anger to soar.


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