No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2690

Thanks to the contract they signed, they would immediately receive backlash if they revealed the answer, so all he could do was silently cheer for Jackie.

When nobody refuted Master Forrest’s statement, he suddenly lost interest. He could not be bothered to continue speaking nonsense and announced the rules for the next round.

“All of you listen up. Once the round starts, all of you will go in one by one. No matter what you do, as long as you get the Green Phoenix Fruit, it’ll be considered a success. Whichever side obtains the most Green Phoenix Fruits will win.”

After announcing the rules, no one had a relaxed expression. Jackie was no exception, but he was not worried about himself. After all, he was very confident in his own skills. He was worried that the results would end up like the second stage.

No matter how well he did, it was still useless. If two out of the three people from Sky Peak Pavilion obtain the Green Phoenix Fruit, then everything he did would be wasted.

Jackie turned to look at Claude and Benedict. Their emotions were written on their faces. After all, they had already dragged the team down during the second stage. If it happened again in the third stage, there would not be any good consequences waiting for them.

It would be fine if they were just punished, they could even be kicked out if the punishment was harsher. They might not be able to find anywhere else that would house them if they were kicked out of Phoenix Valley. The more they thought about it, the more worried they got. Their mood sank more and more as well.

Claude was so pale he seemed to have just fallen incredibly ill. At that moment, he was suffering inside, but there was nothing he could do.

The two of them had thought that Jackie would be the one dragging them down. If the reason they lost was Jackie, even if they would be punished, it would not be that harsh. However, the situation has completely reversed, and they were about to go crazy.

They were under far too much pressure. It was not just because they were worried they would drag the team down. The difficulty of the tournament had completely exceeded their expectations as well, which affected their mental state even more.

Elder Maurice looked at the two of them being so depressed and immediately felt a wave of hopelessness. He looked like he could faint at any moment. Elder Maurice had suddenly lost all his confidence.

In the end, he was not the one competing.

Even if he got so anxious to the point of fainting, it was completely pointless. Elder Maurice snorted and said, “What’s the point of you feeling down? Do you still have the time to be worrying about your feelings? You’d better hurry up and think about how to get the Green Phoenix Fruit!”

Elder Maurice was really incredibly angry at that point. The two of them were far too absurd. When they encountered something difficult, they only knew to feel bad for themselves. They did not have any tolerance for it at all. Elder Maurice was starting to regret not using the inner valley.

After all, this tournament would not have been an issue at all if the inner valley was involved. Mr. Zayne was forced to shake his head and sigh at everything. Even with Jackie leading the way, it seemed difficult for them to win.

After all, the last two rounds were not as simple as adding the score together. They focused on completion. Claude and Benedict had been performing far too badly.

Mr. Zayne could not help but lament, “We should actually be thankful that Elder Rick recommended Jackie back then. Without Jackie, we would have been even more humiliated. Our punishment would be far worse.”

Elder Maurice sighed helplessly. Even if he was not willing to admit it, Elder Rick really did play a key part this time. Elder Rick’s intentions might have been to punish Jackie, but after Jackie came, he saved the tournament for them.


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