No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2689

Only an alchemist who fares well in every aspect would be able to walk further in the path of alchemy. It seemed like all three rounds in the tournament were going to be incredibly difficult. Jackie could not help but glance at Elder Maurice and Master Forrest.

At that moment, Jackie really approved of the tournament, but the others were not feeling the same. After Benedict was scolded, the others were naturally too afraid to voice their opinions again. They were forced to grumble about their complaints.

Especially Claude, who regarded his body more than anything else. Jackie who was standing next to Claude could hear everything Claude was mumbling.

Claude said unhappily, “There’s no point testing that anyway. We won’t go into the wild regularly. Even if you go to Grand Yorn Mountain, there will be many warriors next to us to guard us.

“Why do we have to do something as suicidal as fighting over a Green Phoenix Fruit with a phoenix. Even if there are guards, there’s always a chance that we might get hurt…”

Jackie looked at Claude speechlessly after hearing those words, but Claude had his head down guiltily. He was unwilling to voice his own opinion, nor was he going to calmly wait for the next round.

Of the six participants there, only Jackie and Bradley seemed calm. Jackie looked at Bradley and noticed that Bradley’s strength was not that good, only at the early stage of the innate level.

His strength was nothing compared to Jackie. On top of that, he had fully focused on alchemy, and never had a chance to learn any strong techniques.

Facing a spring solidifying realm beast, Bradley would be incredibly lucky if he lasted a few seconds, let alone stand a chance. However, he still managed to maintain a calm look as if he was very confident about the round.

Jackie was even more curious about Bradley’s reaction. Could Bradley already have figured out how to deal with the problem? Feeling Jackie’s gaze, Bradley suddenly turned to look at him.

Matching Jackie’s gaze, he suddenly let out a cold smile. Pride started to exude from his body again. He was showing Jackie how confident he was, rendering Jackie speechless.

Jackie felt like Bradley was way too obsessed with defeating him!

Master Forrest had seen everything that happened. He suddenly laughed as he said meaningfully, “This tournament isn’t just testing your skills in alchemy. I have to remind you that no matter how accomplished you were before this, you might not be able to achieve a good result here.

“This round will be testing your brain and adaptability. No matter how strong you are, you have to be careful…” Even though it sounded like Master Forrest was giving them a reminder, no one there was stupid. All of them could tell who those words were meant for.

He was trying to tell everyone that no matter how strong Jackie had been before, he might not be able to get a good result this time. After all, what was being tested was not their talent as an alchemist.

Elder Maurice was furious but did not say anything else. If the tournament was still testing alchemic skills, Elder Maurice would have been incredibly confident. He would definitely be sure that Jackie would give a perfect result.

However, this time, adaptability and knowledge were being tested. Even if Elder Maurice knew how to obtain victory, he did not say anything.


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