No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2688

Then he would have no explanation when he got back and the punishments would definitely come their way. Thinking about that made Elder Maurice feel incredibly frustrated. Master Forrest led everyone to the back of the hall.

There was a hidden back door toward the side of the hall. When everyone arrived in front of the hall, Elder Maurice pointed at the door and said, “Behind this door is an isolated world that we made specifically for this tournament. A mature Phoenix is guarding the Green Phoenix Fruits within. Once the Green Phoenix Fruit ripens completely, it will collect the fruits.

“There are a total of six fruits within. Your task is to pick one of the Phoenix Fruits,” The moment he said that, everyone froze.

Not a single one of the participants would have guessed the content for this third challenge. After all, they were alchemists that did not have much in terms of fighting ability.

A mature Phoenix was already at the spring solidifying realm. Spring solidifying realm beasts were like nightmares to alchemists. Asking them to retrieve the Green Phoenix Fruit from a phoenix was practically suicide.

Green Phoenix Fruits were absolute treasures for phoenixes to increase their power. Fighting over a Green Phoenix Fruit was equivalent to hurting a phoenix’s child. The phoenix would immediately attack.

With their strength, there was no other possibility. The third round was practically a suicide mission. The five other participants were filled with confusion and distress other than Jackie.

The first one to voice out a question was Benedict. His strength was only at the early

stage of the innate level. In the eyes of a spring solidifying realm beast, he could not even be considered an ant.

He gulped as he said, “Phoenixes are already at the spring solidifying realm. Us stealing its Green Phoenix Fruit would practically be suicide isn’t it?!”

Master Forrest looked down at Benedict in disdain before he said coldly, “There’s no need to worry about your lives. Strong warriors are hiding inside. The moment you face a life-threatening situation, they’ll immediately save you.

“This tournament isn’t to test your strength. It’s to test your composure in the face of danger, as well as your accumulation of knowledge. If you have both, you’ll definitely succeed in getting the Green Phoenix Fruit. If you don’t have both, then you’ll never get it.”

Master Forrest’s words caused Benedict’s eyes to redden. Elder Maurice immediately

frowned and said, “Do you think we don’t know you have no strength? As an alchemist, you don’t just need talent in refining pills, you also need a mature mind.

“Only then would you be able to go far. Don’t assume that being an alchemist means you’re safe. An excellent alchemist doesn’t just need success when it comes to refining pills, he also needs to be able to recognize valuable materials.

“The more valuable the materials are, the stronger the beasts that guard them will be. It’s not reliable to just rely on warriors to pick the materials either. No matter how strong they are, they won’t be able to recognize the materials as well as us!”

Hearing that, Jackie immediately understood the reason for the third stage of the tournament. The first and second stages were to test the capabilities of the alchemist. The third stage was to test their adaptability.

They would naturally not be able to defeat a phoenix, so they needed to obtain the Green Phoenix Fruit. It would require them to use their minds.


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