No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2687

They would be scolded and severely punished when they got back. Jackie let out a slight sigh as he glanced at Claude and Benedict behind him. They were both like obedient little dogs at that moment, no longer daring to say anything.

Jackie turned around to face Master Forrest and said, “Don’t try and shift the focus. The two of them might have dragged our overall results down, but I think it’s a completely different matter to Conrad’s problem. I refuse to believe that he’s never seen the recipe for the Three Suns Pill before!”

Master Forrest narrowed his eyes and replied, “Conrad had never seen the recipe before, and I didn’t reveal the contents of the examination to him either. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Elder Maurice.

“When we were setting the rules for the tournament, both of us signed a contract. If

If I violated the contract, I’d immediately be rejected by heaven and earth, and my soul would be ripped apart!”

Jackie nodded, ” I don’t think you leaked the questions to Conrad, but I refuse to believe he’s never seen the recipe for the Three Suns Pill before. He must have drawn those sixty ancient pill runes before. As for whether or not he had succeeded before, I wouldn’t know.”

Due to the confrontation between the two parties, the atmosphere around them suddenly fell to a freezing point. They were actually stuck in a difficult predicament. Jackie might be sure that Conrad had definitely gotten the recipe beforehand, but he did not have concrete proof.

Looking at Conrad, there was no way Conrad would tell the truth. Since that was the case, the simple deduction could not possibly overturn Conrad’s results. After Elder Maurice realized that, he looked at Jackie helplessly.

Even though he was not willing to recognize Conrad’s results, there was no way anyone would take a step back in this situation. If they insist on this, it would just be a waste of time.

Elder Maurice sighed as he walked to Jackie and whispered, “They won’t admit to it. Let’s forget about it…”

Jackie nodded. In truth, before he even revealed his questions, he already knew that there was nothing he could do if he had no evidence. Yet, he still brought the issue up.

It was just to stop Master Forrest’s rapidly increasing arrogance. Master Forrest would have constantly mocked the Phoenix Valley if he had not suddenly questioned them.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said loudly, “Whether or not you’ve looked at the Three Suns Pill’s recipe before, you should know yourself the best, Conrad. I don’t have any proof right now, so I naturally can’t overturn your results.

“However, don’t think that your cheating will help Sky Peak Pavilion win this tournament. You might have won the second round, but there is still the third round.”

Jackie’s words let Master Forrest breathe a sigh of relief. After all, he could already tell from Conrad’s earlier reaction that Conrad was feeling guilty.

If Jackie insisted on investigating the matter, the truth would be revealed. If that happened, Phoenix Valley would have won.

Since Jackie decided to relent, Master Forrest seized the opportunity to stop things in their tracks, “Alright, since the result of the second round is acknowledged by everyone, let’s stop wasting time and hurry into the third round!”

Jackie let out a cold snort. Elder Maurice glanced at Master Forrest in disdain. Even though he had advised Jackie to give up earlier, Elder Maurice was still feeling incredibly conflicted.

He knew what the third round was. He was afraid that they would end up losing in the third round like they did. If you end up with Sky Peak Pavilion winning two rounds out of three.


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