No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2686

Only then would they successfully proceed to the next stage. Master Forrest suddenly laughed out loud at those words and replied, “Stop trying to find excuses. The Three Suns Pill is right in front of you, and we won the second round fair and square. If you’re not willing to admit defeat, then find a way to deny the results! You’re crossing the line!”

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly at those words. He could tell what Master Forrest was thinking. Master Forrest pinned them into trying to find trouble, and he would keep up with that accusation that they did not actually have a legitimate question.

That way, Master Forrest could guarantee the results of the second portion of the tournament. Jackie looked over to Conrad again. At that moment, Conrad had his head held high and body straight as if he wanted to show everyone that he had won fair and square.

Jackie shook his head helplessly, “Conrad really did refine a Three Suns Pill, but I suspect that he has seen the recipe before this.

“He has also practiced forming ancient pill runes. Otherwise, he would never be able to leave them in the dust in such a short time.”

Jackie spoke in an incredibly confident tone as if there was no room for doubt.

“I’ve never seen it before!” Conrad shouted. At that moment, his face was red like a cooked lobster.

His furious face looked like he would kill the next person who questioned him. It was obvious he was incredibly frustrated.

Everyone present was intelligent, and they could immediately tell that something was wrong. Master Forrest’s mouth stiffened as he turned to look at Conrad, realizing that Jackie could have guessed right.

However, he would not allow Jackie’s speculation to bear fruit. The moment Jackie could prove that the first stage had not been fair, the second stage’s results would not account for, and Phoenix Valley would win.

Master Forrest thought quickly and said, “Jackie, I know what you’re thinking right now. Are your two teammates dragging you down? If they are dragging you down and making you unhappy, you should be accusing them instead!

“What does it have to do with us? The loss was caused by those two. If any one of them managed to refine a Three Suns Pill, you would have won!”

Hearing those words, Jackie could not help but look at Master Forrest in admiration. He could think on his feet and manage to change the point of focus swiftly.

He wanted everyone to feel like Jackie’s words were because of his good results being held back by his teammates. That was what caused Jackie to be furious and looked for trouble.

Claude and Benedict had been quietly hidden at the back. The moment they heard Master Forrest’s claim, their bodies shook.

The two of them were extremely afraid. If Conrad had not successfully refined a Three Suns Pill, they would not have technically dragged the results down. Yet, Conrad had successfully managed to refine the pill.

It meant that the two of them were the cause of their loss. If Master Forrest had not said those words earlier to distract Elder Maurice, the two of them would probably be in a difficult situation.


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