No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2685

“It’s not like I didn’t see Conrad’s results from before. He finished six hundred pill runes, and he’s not even as good as Claude from our Phoenix Valley. I am a bit suspicious, admittingly.

“Since he didn’t have good results before at condensing pill runes, how did he manage to remember and condense sixty pill runes in such a short amount of time?”

After hearing that, everyone looked up.

“Are you questioning the integrity of the tournament?” growled Master Forrest. “You think that Conrad cheated?”

Jackie shook his head. “I’m not questioning anything. It’s just that I feel that his results are a bit strange based on what we’ve seen.”

Jackie then looked at Conrad. Even though Conrad tried his best to compose himself,

Jackie could detect a trace of guilt in his eyes.

Conrad looked like someone had stabbed his back as he suddenly shouted, “Are you the only one who can refine a Three Suns Pill, and everyone that does is considered to have cheated?!”

Jackie calmly shook his head at that accusing tone. “Of course I don’t mean it that way. It’s just that your results in the first stage were far too bad. If you had results like Bradley, I wouldn’t have been suspicious at all.

“You managed to refine a Three Suns Pill now, but your results in the first stage weren’t that great. Even though the results of the first stage do not directly affect the results of the second, they’re still connected.

“The first stage tested whether or not you have talent in condensing pill runes. I’m not trying to insult you for the sake of insulting you. The four of you were at around the same standards.

“You were not even a match for Claude, so how did you suddenly improve so much in the second stage, exceeding everyone else and completing a Three Suns Pill?”

Jackie’s words sounded very logical, and his tone was very even. He was not targeting them out of malice or deliberately causing any trouble. He really did have his suspicions, which was why he asked those questions.

Master Forrest reached out and stood in front of Conrad. “You truly are eloquent, Jackie, but aren’t you just targeting us for the sake of doing that at this point? If someone from Phoenix Valley had completed a Three Suns Pill, you wouldn’t be asking those questions.”

“It’s only because you lost that you’re trying to cause all this trouble. Is everyone from Phoenix Valley just sore losers?”

“Who’s a sore loser?” snapped Elder Maurice. “Is there something wrong with what Jackie said? It’s strange from the start! The four of them are more or less at the same level, and Claude had a better result than them in the first stage!

“All of a sudden, in the second stage, he had no way of achieving a fifty percent refinement rate. Even forty percent was impossible for him. That was why he couldn’t refine a Three Suns Pill.

“If the other three had a different reason for being unable to refine the pill, Jackie wouldn’t have asked this question!”

Master Forrest was no idiot. He knew that Jackie’s arguments were, in fact, quite reasonable.

This was precisely why he would not allow Jackie to question things. He wanted to guarantee that Sky Peak Pavilion won the second stage.


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