No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2684

Elder Maurice inspected Conrad’s Three Suns Pill closely and noted the faint pill aura floating around it. It clearly looked like a pill had just been refined, and that was something that could not be faked.

He suddenly looked up at Conrad who, at that moment, sported a smile on his face, evidently pleased with himself. Mr. Zayne rushed over as well and also looked at the Three Suns Pill a few times.

Mr. Zayne might not be an alchemist, but he nonetheless knew the basics. Even he could tell that the pill was the real deal.

It really was just refined, and the handiwork was sloppy, only barely passing the mark. It was a far cry from the Three Suns Pill that Jackie refined.

Jackie walked over and only needed a glance to see that they had lost this round.

It seemed like a sure victory for Phoenix Valley, yet the tables were turned so abruptly. It was obvious that Elder Maurice could not really accept it. Even though they had won the first stage, no one knew if they would lose the third stage just like they did the second.

At that moment, Elder Maurice felt incredibly conflicted-it was like he had been thrown into cold water.

On the other hand, Master Forrest started to get excited. His initial hopelessness had been wiped away, and it was like he had found a new reason in life.

“Have you finished looking? Did we win the round?” spoke Master Forrest who was positively beaming. The moment he thought of the words Elder Maurice said to him earlier, Master Forrest felt like fighting back.

He coldly smiled and said, “Elder Maurice, you were too confident earlier. After all, this

tournament tests everyone’s results. You just have one exceptional alchemist. No matter how strong Jackie is, he’s still just an alchemist.

“Our side is different. We have one gem, but the others aren’t weak either. Next time, you should think about your overall scores before you try to brag. You’d do well to avoid shouting so much, or you may have a bad time in the end.”

Master Forrest would not have been so straight with his words had this happened before, but at this stage and round, he was already full of anger and frustration. With how the results suddenly turned, he naturally wanted to retaliate, to shove back all the negativity to his adversary.

Elder Maurice’s face reddened in anger; gone was his relief as it was replaced with boiling-hot anger. He suddenly turned around and glared angrily at Master Forrest.

Elder Maurice had never been someone particularly emotional, yet ever since they got to Sky Peak Pavilion, everything that had happened there had strained his mind. The rapid rise and fall of his moods were something he could not handle.

Mr. Zayne, too, visibly glowered. If he had been important enough, he would have rebuked it.

Alas, he was merely a steward of Phoenix Valley.

He was nowhere near as high up as Elder Maurice, so there was no way he would be allowed to say anything of such nature.

Elder Maurice panted in anger, antagonized by Master Forrest’s words.

Jackie frowned as he reached out and grabbed Elder Maurice’s arm. He shot him a look to calm him down.

Jackie suddenly laughed as he looked at Master Forrest. “Aren’t you bragging as well? Even though you have an exceptional student as well, the other two aren’t that much different from our alchemists.”


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