No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2683

Master Forrest had a bitter look on his face when he saw Elder Maurice relaxing. If none of the four of them managed to refine it, they would lose the second stage. Phoenix Valley would completely win this best out of three contest. If everything went that way, Sky Peak Pavilion was done for. He could even imagine how their people would deal with him once the news got out!

After all, he had promised and bragged so much. He practically guaranteed that they would win!

Claude and Benedict walked to Elder Maurice, visibly dejected and deflated. Elder Maurice let out a cold laugh. “It went just like I thought it would…but it’s not too bad. The two of you are trash, but so are the other two.”

The two of them lowered their heads and

said nothing else. After a moment, Claude suddenly said, “Then…if all four of us failed to refine the pills, how will the result be determined?”

Mr. Zayne let out a snort as he said proudly, “Of course we’d win. Do you think Jackie is as bad as the two of you? You didn’t even manage to refine a single Three Suns Pill in twenty-four hours while Jackie already refined it in four hours, and continued to refine a few more pills.”

Those words completely stunned Benedict and Claude. The two of them suddenly raised their heads as they looked at Mr. Zayne in disbelief for a good while before their eyes trailed to Jackie.

Jackie looked the same as he usually did, still passive. No one could affect him.

Gazing at Jackie, Claude hoarsely asked, “Is that true?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean by that? You don’t believe it?”

Claude violently shook his head. Of course he would not dare question Jackie, but Mr. Zayne’s words came too much of a shock to him. Anyone who had gone through that round knew how hard it was.

The two of them had fought a great battle in that room; they had failed so much that they had gone numb. They were only surviving by sheer force of will. In such a nerve-wracking environment, it was easy to lose track of the time.

When the steward opened the door, the two of them felt like they were still detached from reality. A wave of disappointment washed over them. The only thing in their mind at that moment was of them lamenting why the round was so difficult.

For Jackie, however, it came as a breeze. Claude was even starting to wonder if they were even part of the same contest. Otherwise, there would not be such a huge difference.

Elder Maurice stared at Claude, feeling like the two of them were like an eyesore. Still, it was good that they did not drag the team down despite their lack of results. They had easily won this round again.

Out of the blue, Master Forrest suddenly exclaimed, “We won!”

Everyone there basically heard his yelp.

Jackie turned his head with a frown and saw that Master Forrest’s defeated look had turned into one of happiness.

He had a pill in hand as he added, “Conrad successfully refined a Three Suns Pill. I checked it earlier, and there is a fifty percent refinement rate!”

Hearing such words, Elder Maurice immediately rushed over and snatched the Three Suns Pill from Master Forrest’s hand, to which Master Forrest raised an eyebrow at the rudeness.

Master Forrest finally had the chance to say something.

He rubbed his chin as he said, “Why did you snatch the pill from me? Do you think I’m lying?”


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