No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2682

Meanwhile, Bradley fell into complete silence with his head hung low, seemingly to have been suppressed. Jackie, on the other hand, glanced at him for a moment before he ignored Bradley entirely.

The two sides faced each other, and after over 15 minutes of silence, the tense atmosphere gradually subsided. Master Forrest was visibly worried over Bradley, fretting that Bradley might have melted under the pressure, and thus did not have the time to bother with Phoenix Valley’s representatives. His full focus was on Bradley.

Elder Maurice looked at Jackie, and the latter could practically feel the pair of eyes on him. “If you have anything you want to say, just go ahead,” said Jackie, mildly irked.

The agitated Elder Maurice let out a light cough and spoke, “I just can’t seem to relax. Claude and Benedict aren’t reliable. I’m worried that we’ll lose.”

Jackie gave a light nod.

Elder Maurice’s worry was warranted. After all, no one could tell what level Claude and Benedict were at. Almost 20 hours had passed, but no significant movement came from the four rooms. It was natural to be worried.

Mr. Zayne, on the other hand, was more composed. He took a deep breath. “I don’t think you need to be too worried. Even though they’re not that talented, what about the two from Sky Peak Pavilion? The four of them are more or less the same. I feel like all of them will fail. In the end, it’ll be Jackie against Bradley.”

Jackie nodded, feeling like Mr. Zayne’s analysis was reasonable-the four of them were indeed more or less the same. The contest was incredibly difficult this time, and even Bradley needed 18 hours of hard work to complete a Three Suns Pill.

For the few of them to successfully refine it, a day was probably not enough.

Elder Maurice thought about it and nodded. “All we can do is pray that the four of them won’t succeed. If we only compete with Jackie’s result, we’ll definitely win.”

The next period felt agonizing. After all, there was only roughly two hours until the end of the round. Representatives from both Phoenix Valley and Sky Peak Pavilion held their breaths with their eyes glued on the four doors.

Everyone tried to see what was happening inside, whether or not anyone managed to refine a Three Suns Pill.

Time passed as it should, no matter how anxious everyone was. After over two hours, Master Forrest announced darkly, “Time is up. Bring everyone out right now. They’re to come out no matter the results.”

The stewards standing guard immediately moved when they heard that. Four of them all went in front of the doors and calmly pushed them open, summoning the four that were still fighting inside.

When the four of them knew that the time was up, their expressions stiffened, with only Conrad not having much of a reaction.

“Time’s up?” bleated Claude, sounding rather panicked. “So quickly?”

The steward nodded seriously, not wasting any time reasoning. After that, he turned. and motioned Claude out with his right hand.

Claude knew the time was already up and was forced to walk out in frustration.

When he came out, he looked at Elder Maurice, whose gaze was fixed on him. He gulped unconsciously, and Elder Maurice immediately had an idea of what had happened.

The footsteps could be heard as all of them walked out of their rooms. None of them had happy looks on their faces.

That actually had Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne breathing sighs of relief. If they were all bad, then Phoenix Valley had won this round. After all, Jackie only took four hours to complete the task.


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