No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2681

“This sum is nothing to the Sky Peak Pavilion. Won’t we be laughed at if we accept your pill?” spoke Master Forrest, though stiffly and through gritted teeth.

He looked at Jackie as if Jackie was a mortal enemy.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. Master Forrest was acting like a brainless shrew, he thought to himself. It seemed like he could do anything at that moment.

Jackie was not someone who would force others. Since they did not want it, he kept it for himself. The spirit crystals he would gain would be his own, so Jackie calmly placed the Three Suns Pills that he refined into a box before keeping it in Mustard Seed.

Only then did Jackie look over at Bradley behind Master Forrest. Bradley’s eyes were

wide at that moment as he looked at Jackie with a complicated expression.

There were many complicated emotions playing in his mind at that moment, and hatred was the most prominent one.

Jackie did not feel like bothering to see what Bradley was thinking at that moment. After all, to him, Bradley did not amount to anything much other than having a bit of talent.

What Jackie truly cared about were the masters in the inner valley. Even though Bradley was talented, he was nothing compared to them.

Ever since he knew more about the inner valley, Jackie had been trying to figure out what level the alchemists there were already at. Regardless, Jackie had a cheat in hand and did not think much of the alchemists in the Hestia Continent.

Granted, he needed a lot of time and effort to absorb his memories, so he might not

actually be at the level of the masters within the inner valley at that moment. After all, Phoenix Valley was the core of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.

The inner valley was the true trump card of Phoenix Valley, where the most talented alchemists of the Hestia Continent gathered.

All of a sudden

“I’ll definitely beat you! Don’t get so full of yourself!” roared Bradley fiercely.

It seemed like his lungs would lurch out of his abdomen with how he yelled.

Frowning, Jackie was speechless, feeling like Bradley had joined Master Forrest, descending into madness. Jackie had never really bothered with him at all.

In fact, he was just amused upon hearing that declaration.

“I’ve heard words like that countless times throughout the years, but no one has ever

been able to actually do it,” mused Jackie, “Even if you destroy your throat with all that screeching, it won’t be convincing at all. A loss is a loss.”

Jackie’s simple words had destroyed Bradley’s mental defenses. The latter suddenly widened his eyes as he lost his footing and fell on the floor.

Master Forrest hurriedly bent down and helped up Bradley, who, at that moment, looked pathetic and frail,

He looked like he would shatter with just a touch,

“Have you been too used to everything going your way? You’re just going to crumble the minute something goes wrong and you can’t take it?” commented Mr. Zayne incredulously.

Bradley merely looked down and said nothing.

Master Forrest looked up at Jackie angrily,

“Don’t think you can do anything with the talent you have. The third stage of the exam won’t be testing your talent in alchemy. Even if you have the talent, you won’t be able to use it at all!”

Based on the earlier agreement, Master Forrest should not have revealed the contents of the third stage so quickly.

However, Master Forrest was already too emotional and had lost his filter.

The third stage would not be testing alchemy, was it? That made Jackie even more curious…

Jackie narrowed his eyes as he started to speculate on what the third stage could be.


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