No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2680

Thus, Elder Maurice chuckled humorlessly as he looked at Bradley. “You can’t beat him, so you say he’s just a blip on the road. You seem to think that all you need to do is get over this, is that right? Can you use your head when you’re saying all that?

“Jackie isn’t just a blip on the road to you; he’s a mountain that you’ll never scale. There’s such a huge gulf in your results, so how could you agree with Master Forrest?”

Master Forrest’s face twisted in rage at Elder Maurice’s words. It had not been easy for him to console Bradley, but Maurice just had to come out and ruin everything!

Master Forrest immediately knew what Elder Maurice was up to.

The second match was still underway, and the results were not certain yet. No one knew if a third round would have to be carried out. As long as there was a third round, Bradley would still be Sky Peak Pavilion’s trump card.

If Bradley completely collapsed, then the results of the third round would be obvious.

Master Forrest would not let Elder Maurice get what he wanted. He squinted as he pulled Bradley behind him, sporting a snide smile. “Stop with your petty schemes. Don’t assume that everyone here is an idiot. The results of the second round aren’t out yet. We don’t know who the victors will be.

“Even though Jackie’s talents are a little better than Bradley’s right now, what of it? No one knows how they’ll develop in the future.

“Jackie might just be peaking right now and might not improve afterward. Bradley will surely be able to keep on improving and become a real grandmaster!”

Master Forrest was already struggling to keep his composure at that point. He knew his words were not very convincing and were no doubt a bit petty.

All thoughts of that flew out of the window, however, as anxiety slowly crept into Master Forrest’s mind.

Sure enough, Elder Maurice got riled up. Master Forrest’s words had crossed the line.

Just as he was about to shoot back at Master Forrest, a sound was heard from the first room again. A familiar figure opened the door and walked out confidently.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at everyone somewhat unpleasantly.

He had been immersed in refining pills, but the noise outside had annoyed him. Even though the rooms had sound-canceling effects and he could not hear what they were talking about outside, it still affected Jackie in the end.

Elder Maurice looked as Jackie walked out and saw what Jackie had in hand. He let out a pleased smile as he said, “Did we disturb you? We apologize. Master Forrest really doesn’t know how to keep his cool and likes to talk so much nonsense. How many pills did you refine?”

Jackie nodded at Elder Maurice before he raised his right hand, revealing three Three Suns Pills in his palm. Jackie passed one over to Master Forrest.

“As per our prior agreement, no matter how many pills I’ve refined, I’ll give the Sky Peak Pavilion one.”

Master Forrest’s expression soured as he looked at the Three Suns Pill in Jackie’s hand. Even though the Three Suns Pill was more expensive than a regular seventh grade pill, it meant nothing to him.

Looking at the Three Suns Pill in Jackie’s hand, all Master Forrest felt was shame, and it was as if he had just been slapped on the face a few times.

Unable to stomach the feeling, he pushed the Three Suns Pill back with a frown.

“We don’t need your charity,” remarked Master Forrest coldly. “Since we’ve already agreed to it, the pills are yours. We won’t take a single one. The Three Suns Pill might be pricey, but it’s only a number worth noting for you.”


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