No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2679

They were not even qualified to be spoken about in the same conversation as Jackie. The difference in talent between them and Jackie was like an insurmountable gulf, but he still could not admit that Jackie was far better than Bradley.

Bradley suddenly coughed violently and slumped over as his breaths became uneven. His coughs seemed so startlingly terrible that it looked like he could cough out his lungs.

Even though Bradley was just at the early stage of the innate realm, he was already at the innate realm. His constitution was fundamentally different from that of a regular person. Without being injured, he would never get sick.

Since his coughing could not have been caused by sickness, then there was only one other possibility.

His emotions had run too wild, and it affected his whole body, causing him to cough violently.

Master Forrest looked at Bradley worriedly as he held Bradley’s arm while he patted Bradley’s back.

Bradley’s breathing got worse as he coughed. It looked like he was incredibly ill at that moment. Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne exchanged a look of surprise at that.

They never expected Bradley to be affected so much. Even though Jackie’s results were better than his, Bradley’s results were not that bad either. If Jackie was not there, he would have taken first place.

However, the moment Bradley found out that Jackie had been 14 hours earlier than him, Bradley looked like he was about to die. The reaction startled them both.

Mr. Zayne whispered in exasperation, “This brat is a little too frail. Even though it’s quite a blow, we’re all warriors here. Unless a knife is held to our necks, nothing else matters! To be so emotional just because Jackie was better than him…”

Master Forrest nodded at that. Bradley’s actions caused them to look down on him with disdain. Even if it was a big, emotional blow, he did not have to end up in such a state. Master Forrest looked at Bradley with pity.

He knew how bad Bradley was feeling at that moment, thus he helped Bradley up while assuring him, “It’s fine. It’s fine, even if you lose. You don’t have to think too much about it.

“It’s just a small bump in your road to success. You’ll be fine after it passes.”

Bradley was caught in a coughing fit for a good while before he slowly recovered. At that moment, his face was as white as paper, his eyes already bloodshot. Without context, anyone would definitely assume that Bradley contracted some incurable illness.

Bradley’s hands trembled as he was seized in his emotional state. At that moment, his mood had hit rock bottom as an untold amount of thoughts raged in his mind.

Master Forrest’s words of consolation echoed in his head…but they failed to convince Bradley. The man had been too emotional earlier, and had not recovered that much.

It took a long time before he finally said, “You’re right.”

That was all he said, and nothing else.


Elder Maurice frowned at their insults at Jackie. Initially, Elder Maurice did not want to disarray that brat’s emotions even more, so he did not stop them.

However, the two of them kept on going, referring to Jackie as ‘a blip on the road’ and

‘a stepping stone’. How could Elder Maurice stand it?


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