No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2678

Bradley had pride. After Jackie had overpowered him before, he refused to admit defeat, even though he did not say too much about it. Even if Jackie’s results were better than his, Bradley believed that he was more talented than Jackie.

The reason Jackie’s results were better than his was that Jackie was just slightly more talented in condensing pill runes, but that was all. Jackie would not be able to one-up him in any other situation.

His hypothesis had been proven right, and the pride in his heart soared once more, evident by how radiant he looked.

However, Bradley was surprised that Master Forrest did not praise him after all that he said.

Sure, they should not go overboard with the praises and congratulations, but Bradley felt like Master Forrest would have at least said something along the line. After all, Master Forrest regarded him so highly…but nothing came after he waited quietly for a moment.

Bradley could not help but frown as he looked up at Master Forrest, who looked back at him speechlessly with furrowed brows. Master Forrest’s lips twitched, as if he had something to say but could not.

The conflicted expression on his face looked downright uncomfortable.

The curiosity in Bradley’s heart rose even more when he saw how Master Forrest was acting.

At that moment, he suddenly heard a huff.

Bradley turned his head and saw Elder Maurice’s lips curled into a smile as he started to laugh. When he saw Bradley’s gaze, Elder Maurice realized that it was unbecoming of him and composed himself after a slight cough.

Still, he could not completely hide the smile on his face.

Mr. Zayne’s eyes were averted as well. Looking closer, there was a dense sense of amusement in his eyes, which stunned Bradley. Why was everyone reacting that way?

Should they not have acknowledged his talents and offered a few words of praise? Even though they were on opposite sides and unlikely to praise him that much, they should not have been laughing either.

Something was wrong, and Bradley could feel it.

Elder Maurice, worried that it would turn into even more of a joke, reached out to grab Bradley’s shoulder. “You weren’t the first to come out; Jackie’s results were better than yours. He’d already refined the Three Suns Pill fourteen hours ago.”

At those words, Bradley felt like he had been struck by lightning as his whole body

stiffened, his eyelids blown wide open.

Master Forrest’s heart wrenched when he noticed Bradley’s reaction.

After all, Bradley was someone he had grown up with pride. Others might not know about Bradley’s pride, but after being with him for so many years, Master Forrest knew how Bradley was. He might not talk much normally, but it did not mean he was without pride.

In truth, Bradley was far more prideful than anyone there, and it was because of that pride that he could not accept a result like that.

Master Forrest took a deep breath before he consoled him, “There’s always a mountain higher, always someone who’s more talented. Back then, you were too sheltered in an environment. Meeting someone like Jackie is good, in fact, to broaden your horizons.

“I don’t think he’s more talented than you.

As long as you have enough time, Jackie’s just a small blip in your road to maturing.”

Even though he was not willing to, he had to acknowledge Jackie’s talent. Jackie was the most talented person Master Forrest had ever met.

Jackie had outstripped anyone he would consider a master, and he had taken just four hours to complete the Three Suns Pill that all of them regarded as incredibly difficult. Compared to Jackie, everyone else was far more inferior.


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