No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2677

Master Forrest’s expression completely darkened at that point. Elder Maurice was basically in cahoots with Jackie, putting him in a bind and forcing him to agree!

Master Forrest, though incredibly frustrated, relented with a nod. If he did not, Elder Maurice would no doubt spread the word about this, and he would gain a reputation for being petty. He could not allow his reputation to be ruined, and to add worry into the mix, the materials were not prepared with his own resources, too!

Master Forrest had to give his consent, though with a mere nod, after careful deliberation.

Jackie smiled. He did not want to give up any chance to make any spirit crystals, and the Three Suns Pill could be sold for a good price.

Before, Jackie had been refining sixth-grade pills. Even though the Three Suns Pill was a seventh-grade pill, the secrecy behind the recipe meant that it was much more expensive than regular seventh-grade pills.

After seeing Master Forrest nod, Jackie wasted not a second longer, not wanting to give Master Forrest the chance to revoke his permission. He immediately re-entered the room and threw himself into refinement.

Master Forrest was left outside, gritting his teeth in anger.

After a moment, shuffles were heard from the second room before the door opened, revealing an exhausted but excited Bradley.

He walked out of the room emotionally. He was different from Jackie in that he did not place the Three Suns Pill into a box to preserve the medicinal properties, but instead held it in his palm.

He had rushed out of the room impatiently and ran up to Master Forrest. When he saw that there were no other participants around other than himself, he was so exhilarated that he could not even speak.

It was just as he had expected; Jackie was not as quick as him. He was the fastest out of all the participants. He could beat Jackie with his talent!

He had won the second stage. He had defeated everyone and proved his capabilities!

Bradley’s breathing grew erratic at these thoughts, and the excitement on his face was plain for all to see.

Master Forrest frowned slightly, feeling like Bradley was a bit too highly strung, but he did not get a chance to say anything about it before Bradley hastily placed the Three Suns Pill into Master Forrest’s palm.

“Master Forrest, kindly inspect if the refinement was a success for him!”

With Bradley’s abilities, there was no real need to test it. Nonetheless, it was still a tournament in the end. Even though he knew he refined it perfectly, he needed Master Forrest to determine the results.

Master Forrest furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the Three Suns Pill in his hand, and had no real problems with it of course. He nodded and said, “The refinement is a success. Fifty percent refinement, and there are no blemishes. It’s a very standard Three Suns Pill.”

Bradley let out a sigh, feeling his entire body relax. The pressure he had felt before suddenly had left him, and his inner peace returned.

He turned to look at Mr. Zayne and Elder Maurice. Sure, they were not Jackie, but he was their subordinate, nonetheless.

Bradley said proudly, “Jackie can surely refine a Three Suns Pill, given his talent. Alas, his talent in refining pills is still a step below.

“Even though he’s better than me at completing pill runes, I’ve already said before that the results of the first stage don’t mean he’ll be stronger than me!”

Bradley grew haughty as he spoke, and he could not deny the thrill he felt in regaining the respect for himself once more.

He wanted to say this all over again when Jackie finally stepped out of his confinement. He wanted Jackie to know that he was more talented than he was!


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