No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2676

Despite Bradley’s calm exterior, the sweat on his forehead revealed how anxious he was at that moment.

After all, this was a very important moment for him. As long as he completed the last 20 pill runes, he would be able to successfully refine the Three Suns Pill, and he would then pat his chest and guarantee that he was the fastest among the other participants.

Only those who had tried this before would know how arduous the test was. Even though Jackie had talent, Jackie could not have possibly been faster than him.

Bradley had a nervous look on his face as he condensed the pill runes. He could not help but mumble to himself, “If I hadn’t had experience with ancient pill runes, I wouldn’t have been able to condense and refine them in such a short time.”

Since refining pill runes required using true energy, Bradley had expended most of this internal energy, and even his internal organs were starting to hurt.

He endured the pain, regardless; the only thing on his mind was condensing the pill as fast as possible. That way, he would be able to squash Jackie with his prowess.

He remembered how Jackie humiliated him before this, and he would surely return the favor. Even though Jackie’s results were higher than his in the first portion, he would use his results in the second stage to beat Jackie!

The thought of winning back his pride and returning the shame Jackie had caused him made Bradley smirk.


Jackie was already losing his patience outside. The tournament was still on, and he could not do anything by himself. He had nothing else to do but stare into space silently.

It was not long until an idea occurred to him, and he abruptly turned to look at Master Forrest. “The materials were all meant for us anyway. Can I just continue refining a few pills?”

The moment he said that, everyone was stunned, and even a few of them looked at Jackie speechlessly, feeling like what he said was rather moronic.

The competition was still on and everyone was working hard to refine the Three Suns Pill, yet that brat wanted to go inside and refine a few more pills. Jackie was a stark contrast to everyone else!

The participants who were still in their respective plots would no doubt retch blood if they had heard Jackie’s words.

Master Forrest’s lips twitched. He wanted nothing more than to scream profanities at Jackie…but he knew this was no suitable time to do so. He did not want to let Jackie do as he pleased, too.

Master Forrest wanted to reject Jackie’s request when the latter quickly interjected, “Surely you can’t be that petty, are you, Master Forrest? After all, the materials are all already here. After I refine them, I’ll give you one and keep the rest for myself.”

Jackie was obsessed with wanting to earn more spirit crystals, and he did not-would not care if Master Forrest hated his guts on it.

Master Forrest nearly shot up in anger upon hearing Jackie’s new remark. Jackie had shut him down with those words before he could say anything, and if he disagreed, people would think he was a cheap person!

Jackie had also said that he would give Sky Peak Pavilion one of the pills he refined, which was rather…gracious on his part.

Master Forrest would be a little petty if he refused, but if he agreed, his frustration would only be fueled even more. After all, Jackie had floored Sky Peak Pavilion through and through, and it was good enough that they were not causing Jackie trouble.

They just had to cater to Jackie again.

Master Forrest’s expression started to darken as his fury slowly rose from his chest. All of a sudden, Elder Maurice piped in, “Master Forrest, you’re still the host. Are those materials really worth that much to Sky Peak Pavilion?

“It’s prepared for the tournament anyway, and you’ll even be getting a free pill. Instead of just leaving them there, you might as well allow Jackie to continue refining them. With Jackie’s standards, he won’t waste the resources!”


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