No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2675

All Master Forrest thought of at that moment was to rain on Phoenix Valley’s parade; he did not want to see them being too pleased with themselves.

Elder Maurice coldly looked at Master Forrest after that.

As an elder, he could not just look at Master Forrest insulting Phoenix Valley and not do anything about it.

Elder Maurice chuckled. “How do you know if Conrad and Jameson will be able to refine it? During the first segment, the two of them were weaker than Claude and Benedict.

“They only managed a thousand and fifty pill runes between them, while our side had a hundred more. Can’t you see the relative strengths?”

Master Forrest almost lost his rationality in

his anger. He no longer cared if continuing the argument would be good for him or not. All he wanted to do was vent his frustrations and suppress Phoenix Valley.

He narrowed his eyes and remarked, “Elder Maurice, surely you know that completing pill runes might be a proof of talent, but it has not much to do with being able to refine a Three Suns Pill.”

Elder Maurice frowned. He was about to rebuke Master Forrest’s words but was not given a chance as Master Forrest continued, “Elder Maurice, just think about it. What’s the second portion? Sixty ancient pill runes. They’ve never seen those pill runes before at all. They’re fighting to see who can memorize and carve out those runes the fastest.

“They also need to be able to adapt to the refinement process very quickly. After all, they only have a day! Even though Claude and Benedict both exceeded our representatives by a hundred pill runes, it still doesn’t mean that you’ll be better than us in the second segment!

“You might only have gotten a hundred more than us just because Claude and Benedict have studied more than Conrad and Jameson. They might have just put all their efforts into condensing pill runes normally!”

Elder Maurice felt like Master Forrest was just pushing it at that point. No matter the reason, Master Forrest just wanted to prove that Sky Peak Pavilion was better.

“Let’s not entertain that notion,” sneered Elder Maurice. “Jackie’s already refined a pill, while your side hasn’t even completed one. Just like that, we’re stronger than you!”

The two of them were arguing intensely, with neither of them giving in at all.

Jackie frowned, feeling rather irked. If this continued, they would end up arguing for

hours, and Jackie would get incredibly annoyed.

He hated people arguing around him, so he interrupted their fight as he interjected, “There’s actually no point to the two of you saying all of this. Why don’t we just wait for the final result?”

Thankfully, Jackie’s words silenced both Elder Maurice and Master Forrest. Regardless, even if they had stopped arguing, it was easy to tell from their expressions that neither of them were willing to give in.

After a few more hours, in the second room…

Bradley’s eyes were bloodshot as veins surfaced on his eyeballs. Excitement racked his being, all because he was so close to success.

At that moment, the sides of his furnace were covered with dust, a reminder of his failures. Even though Bradley was talented, he had never refined at Three Suns Pill before.

There would always be unexpected problems when an alchemist started refining a new pill. It would lead to failures, but he was not disappointed by it at all. He continued to look for the problems and focused on the refinement.

At that moment, he was already at the last step to successfully completing the Three Suns Pill. He had already condensed three thousand 280 pill runes and was only 20 runes away from successfully refining the pill.


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