No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2674

At that pace, even Master Forrest had to be shocked. It was not like he had never met masters before, but it was the first time he had ever met someone like Jackie.

The match was incredibly difficult this time. If Elder Maurice had not signed a secrecy contract before, he would have suspected that Elder Maurice had revealed the contents of the test to Jackie beforehand.

Master Forrest took a deep breath as both his hands trembled slightly. “Four hours…”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he nodded. “That’s right, four hours.”

Master Forrest gulped, his breathing a little erratic. “You’re far more capable than I thought. Are you from the inner valley?”

Jackie shook his head, not bothering to explain himself. He did not care if Master Forrest believed him or not.

Jackie looked at Master Forrest coldly and said, “What should you be doing as the organizer of this tournament right now?”

Those words caused Master Forrest’s face to stiffen. He looked at Jackie hatefully, but said nothing else. He took the box from Jackie’s hands, and put the successfully refined Three Suns Pill in his hand.

To Master Forrest, it was very easy to see if the Three Suns Pill was a success or otherwise. He kept on praying in his heart that Jackie’s Three Suns Pill had a defect, and that it was not at a 50-percent refinement.

Alas, after studying it, he was disappointed to find that Jackie’s Three Suns Pill was an incredible success and had even reached 60-percent refinement. Master Forrest had a sour look on his face and, after a long while, declared rather reluctantly, “There are no problems. This is a successful Three Suns Pill.”

Despite his chagrin, there was nothing he could do at that moment. The results were clear for all to see, and he could not possibly do anything at that moment.

At the same time, Elder Maurice was rather emotional to even speak at that moment. He felt like he had found a piece of treasure. Even Mr. Zayne looked at Jackie emotionally.

Even though they knew that Jackie was not the key to the match, they still felt relief and a storm of emotions. After all, Jackie was far too talented. Even if they lost this time, they should still win the last round if Jackie performed as he always did.

Elder Maurice walked over to Jackie and patted him by the shoulder. “Well done! Even I can’t compare to your talents. When we go back, I’ll immediately recommend you to enter the inner valley!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and nodded, not saying anything else.

Mr. Zayne, meanwhile, looked even further into the future. He was already trying to figure out how he would gain Jackie’s favor.

He already saw how bright Jackie’s future was, and as long as Jackie could maintain his talent, Jackie would be a key figure in Phoenix Valley, or even the master of the valley.

“Don’t be too happy now. Even though Jackie successfully refined the Three Suns Pill, don’t forget that he might not be the one to shift the tides this round.

“The remaining four are the ones who will decide the round. If Claude and Benedict aren’t successful, what use is there with Jackie being this capable?”


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