No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2673

Master Forrest was filled with too much hatred at that moment and, even when knowing his words were futile, spoke so spitefully. All of his hatred came from Jackie at that moment, so he naturally hated Elder Maurice as well.

Elder Maurice chuckled coldly as he turned to look at Master Forrest with disdain. To him, Master Forrest was like a clown. He looked at Master Forrest and immediately noticed hatred clouding the man’s eyes.

Elder Maurice let out a laugh. “And why wouldn’t we be? After all, the results were clear for all to see. Weren’t you praising Bradley to the heavens earlier? All that, yet Jackie still bulldozed him in the end!”

Master Forrest grew furious at those words. He started to shudder as he glared at Elder Maurice and gritted his teeth. How he wanted so badly to go over and give him a good punch!

Elder Maurice looked at Master Forrest with contempt. The two of them did not continue speaking, since they were still higher-ups of their respective sides. If they continued bickering, it would look far too embarrassing, so they had to cease.

Time ticked away, and after four hours passed, a sound came from the first room. All of them looked over to see a hand slowly pushing the door open.

A familiar figure walked out from within with a box in hand. When they saw Jackie, their eyes widened at the same time.

Elder Maurice looked over with some worry as he said, “Did something happen? You came out so quickly…”

Elder Maurice was more afraid than anyone else that something might have happened to Jackie. Even if Jackie would not be the key to the final result, Jackie was still Elder Maurice’s trump card.

Jackie would be able to cancel out Bradley in the second segment, but if anything happened to Jackie, then no one would be able to stop Bradley. Similarly, Mr. Zayne looked at Jackie worriedly as well.

On the other hand, Master Forrest looked rather pleased as he gazed at Jackie, truly hoping that something had happened to Jackie.

When Jackie walked out, he looked at everyone calmly. He let out a snort as he walked over to Master Forrest-who was the tournament’s organizer, after all-and passed him the box in his hand.

Master Forrest frowned as he looked at Jackie with a puzzled expression. Everyone else looked over curiously as well.

Jackie smiled as he opened the box in front of everyone.

A dense medicinal smell immediately

revealed itself. When they clearly saw what was inside, almost everyone was stunned. At that moment, not one of them cared about how they should act, their lower jaw hanging open as they looked like they had seen a ghost.

Master Forrest even forgot to breathe. His eyes were wide open, and Jackie even wondered if his eyes would pop out with some force.

After a long while, Master Forrest pointed at the thing in the box and said, “What’s this?”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Master Forrest had been dealt too big of a blow.

He smiled and answered, “Don’t you recognize the Three Suns Pill?”

Of course Master Forrest knew the Three Suns Pill. Even if he closed his eyes, he would have been able to tell that it was the Three Suns Pill from the smell alone.

How? It did not even take that long! Had Jackie really managed to refine the pill in just four hours?


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