No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2672

Elder Maurice felt rather incredulous at Mr. Zayne’s words and turned to look at him. “What do you mean? What plans?”

Mr. Zayne took a deep breath as Jackie’s face surfaced in his mind. “Elder Rick really went too far this time. It’d be great if we win, yes, but we may just lose, too. These two are possible entirely.

“We need to consider the consequences of those two results and prepare ourselves for them. From the start, the two of us were allowed the thought of defeat to destroy our rationality. We’ve never really thought about the problem.

“Now that all of them are fully focused on refining the Three Suns Pill, we have the perfect opportunity to think about what we should do after we get back.”

Elder Maurice furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Mr. Zayne. He never really had

much of an impression of Mr. Zayne before this since the man had always been a private person.

After their interaction extended, Elder Maurice immediately felt like Mr. Zayne was not a simple-minded person. Even though the guy was just a deacon at that moment, he would be an elder eventually if his intelligence was anything to go by.

He was smart and level-headed when facing problems. He was always very logical when he spoke as well.

Elder Maurice sighed. “Elder Rick will no doubt be bitter. After we head back, we have to make sure to embellish the matter.

“You’re right: we have to be prepared for the results, win or lose. Let’s put winning aside for now. How will we deal with the higher-ups’ anger if we lose?”

Mr. Zayne nodded before he said decisively, “If we’re talking about responsibility, then Elder Rick has to take up eighty percent of the responsibility if we lose. The five of us will only need to take up twenty percent.”

Elder Maurice raised an eyebrow at that, looking at Mr. Zayne approvingly. “You’re very right about that, but there’s a detrimental issue here. Elder Rick recommended Jackie, who’s the most talented person of the three. He was the one who helped us win the first part of the tournament.

“What do we say if we push eighty percent of the responsibility onto Elder Rick? In truth, him pushing Jackie to participate was a good thing!”

Elder Maurice was right. Elder Rick might not have had good intentions initially, but the results were still good in the end. Jackie did not disappoint them and had even helped them obtain victory.

However, if they ended up losing in the end, citing Jackie as the problem would not be very convincing. Elder Rick might actually use it to turn things around.

Mr. Zayne raised an eyebrow as he said. confidently, “This problem is actually quite simple. We just need Jackie to go along with it.”

Elder Maurice’s eyes brightened as various schemes popped up in his head, but he did not voice out his thoughts immediately.


Master Forrest looked on as Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne whispered to each other. His heart boiled in anger, feeling like the two of them were deliberately putting on a show for him.

After all, he had mocked them quite a bit at the start, but since they had gotten a pass, they would naturally get back at him several times over. Master Forrest was no longer in the same position as before, which caused him to suffer a lot.

He loathed Jackie, and his hatred ran deep. Had Jackie not participated, no issues would have risen in the tournament. He had a trump card in Bradley and would not have needed to worry about the second possible result.

“Elder Maurice, are you not very confident right now? Didn’t you say that you’d definitely win before? Didn’t you say that Jackie would beat Bradley?” said Master Forrest coldly.


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