No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2671

They were not common in third-grade worlds at all, so they would naturally be seen as pill runes from ancient times. To Jackie, however, those runes were just like any other runes-there was nothing special about them.

His hands moved as faint golden pill runes were formed through his fingers. When he was carving the fortieth pill, Jackie made a mistake after his body could not keep up with his memories, and the pill rune suddenly collapsed.

All of the pill runes in the air suddenly turned back into pill aura. Nonetheless, he remained expressionless as he raised his hand to continue drawing, after the pill auras merged back into his surroundings.

He did not need to remember the pill runes and only needed to focus on having his body keep up with his memories.

Compared to how calm Jackie was, however, Bradley was no longer as composed as he was before.

In truth, Bradley was somewhat similar to Jackie in some ways. The two of them never reacted too emotionally to any major events, always incredibly composed. At that moment, Bradley was not capable of keeping his cool.

After all, Jackie’s talents had overshadowed his, and everyone could see that. It was impossible for him to deny it. Jackie singlehandedly trampled the pride nurtured after being put on a pedestal for so long.

However, Bradley had never been someone who wasted too much time on words. He wanted to use his skills to prove that Jackie, while talented, would not always be better than him.

Even though it was his first time refining a

Three Suns Pill, he had already used ancient runes before. He was much more familiar with ancient runes than any ordinary person, so he believed that he would take the least amount of time to refine the Three Suns Pill.

He had chosen the same method as Jackie and did not start refining the pill at the very start. Instead, he decided to deal with the ancient runes first. He threw his senses into the plaque before he started to memorize those runes.

Even though there were only 60 ancient runes, time was nonetheless limited. He needed to assign the time for other matters as well and, at the same time, was worried that Jackie would be faster than him.

At that moment, Bradley was incredibly anxious, and every participant was fully focused on the refinement process.

Meanwhile, the higher-ups in the hall were all trying to look into the spaces.

After a while, they finally composed themselves; only Master Forrest’s face remained sour. The first loss had really dealt a blow to him.

Even though the second segment was advantageous to Sky Peak Pavilion, he could still not relax. So what if they won the second segment? They would still be at a tie with Phoenix Valley.

He did not want that. He wanted to squash them.

Elder Maurice, on the other hand, did not reveal too much emotion on his face. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

After a long time, Mr. Zayne whispered, “We have to make some plans, regardless if we win or lose.”


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