No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2670

The Three Suns Pill might not be difficult for Jackie, but it was different for the others. After all, there were 60 ancient pill runes among those that the Three Suns Pill needed.

Those ancient pill runes were distinct from modern ones. They would not only need to memorize them in a short amount of time but also successfully carve out those runes with a refinement of over 50 percent.

Anyone with a subpar talent would be stuck there. After all, they have never refined Three Suns Pills before. The first refinement would take a while to get used to, but they unfortunately had a time limit to it.

All these setbacks made the competition all the more difficult.

Jackie did know what Claude and Benedict’s final results would be. After all, he was not

sure what their level was at.

Even though he had already seen them completing the pill runes, no one would know if they would be able to successfully refine the pill based on the results of the first segment.

The second segment was a bigger test of one’s talents.

Jackie sighed helplessly. Bradley and himself would no doubt be able to refine the pill, of course, but even if he managed to beat Bradley, his efforts would go to waste if Claude or Benedict hindered them.

Jackie shook his head in exasperation, and Mr. Zayne sighed heavily as well. He knew that Jackie was right. Jackie’s job this time was to eliminate Bradley.

The true key of the match was the four others. If they failed on that front, they would lose the match, but Mr. Zayne did not have much hope for Claude and Benedict.

Even though they were somewhat talented, it did not mean that the talent would shine through at such a key moment. Mr. Zayne looked at Claude and Benedict, his entire being haunted with worry. He had a lot of things to say, but the words never made it out of his mouth.

After all, there was no point to saying anything else at that moment. Claude and Benedict were already incredibly nervous, and they both knew very well that they could determine the outcome of their match.

Jackie sighed, not saying anything else as he entered the first space. Everything was already prepared inside, including a furnace about half as tall as him. Giving it a good once-over, Jackie deduced that it was well made and probably cost a lot of money. Apart from that, the materials for the Three Suns Pill were right next to it. Just counting the Lorn Roots, there were eight of them.

Jackie took a deep breath. Since the planks encased him, no one could see his expression. At that moment, Jackie thoroughly relaxed.

The match might be an incredibly harsh test for anyone else, but it was not difficult for Jackie at all.

He grabbed onto the plaque again as he sent his senses inside. The refinement process for the Three Suns Pill revealed itself. Jackie already had that memory in his mind.

Even though the ancient warrior already stood at the peak of alchemy at the end of his life, even in a first-grade world, getting to the peak required him to start from the bare basics.

The Three Suns Pill was nothing to the ancient warrior, but he had nonetheless refined it before in his youth. All Jackie needed to do was make use of that memory. He did not start off refining the pill right away but instead tried to carve the 60

ancient runes.

He needed to first master that before he started the refinement. It would make things much easier. To Jackie, ancient runes did not exist because they were called ancient runes, simply because they were inherited from second or first-grade worlds.


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