No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2669

Jackie had the urge to burst out laughing at the decline he was seeing.

It was about time, and they could not delay for much longer, so Elder Maurice turned to look at Jackie with a frown.

The moment Jackie looked at Elder Maurice, he knew the elder had a lot to say. Jackie pursed his lips helplessly, knowing that Elder Maurice was disconcerted. The tournament was incredibly important, after all.

If they won, they would not even need to compete in the third stage; they would win over Sky Peak Pavilion with two wins out of three possible ones. However, if they lost, there would be too many variables that would follow.

Elder Maurice’s conflicted expression was awfully visible, and Mr. Zayne was no different. He, too, wished for the tournament to be a success.

After all, they would have to bear the wrath of Phoenix Valley’s higher-ups if they lost, and no one would be able to come out of it unscathed. Mr. Zyane had planned on not saying anything to not give Jackie too much pressure, but the pressure he felt was too much to bear.

Before Jackie walked into the room prepared for him, Mr. Zayne suddenly walked forward and whispered, “You were right before. The key to this match isn’t you, but…”

Jackie frowned as he sighed helplessly. “Mr. Zayne, it’s pointless for you to worry. Just wait for the results. I can only tell you that I’ll do well, but I can’t guarantee what’ll happen with the others.

“It’s a competition in the end, and the results won’t all be totaled together but counted individually. The one I’m facing is Bradley. As long as I beat Bradley, I’d have done my part. As for everything else, that’s out of my control.”

It was as if Master Forrest had heard what the two of them were saying as he suddenly spoke, “All of you should have an understanding of how the results will be counted this time.”

Jackie frowned. Master Forrest had brushed past the topic earlier, not going into it in detail. Master Forrest let out a smile as he glanced at Jackie, moving forward.

He slightly raised his chin as he said, “The six of you will be refining the Three Suns Pill together. The target is to successfully refine the pill, and the one with the shortest time taken will be ranked higher.

“If the six of you all manage to refine the Three Suns Pill, then all of your times will be added together and the side with the lowest total time will win.

“However, if not everyone succeeds in refining it, then the side who refines the most pills will win. Have I made it clear enough?

“Feel free to voice out any opinions you have. Of course, I’ll just give it a listen. After all, both I and Elder Maurice set these criteria.”

Jackie sighed internally. Master Forrest was clearly aiming those words at Phoenix Valley. The rules were very much in Sky Peak Pavilion’s favor.

Jackie’s skills were already plain for all to see, and as long as he performed like he usually would, he would be able to beat everyone there. However, this match was incredibly special.

Only if everyone managed to refine the Three Suns Pill in a day would the time be used as a metric.

However, if not everyone managed to refine the Three Suns Pill, then the side with the most pills would win. Even though they had not started, Jackie was sure that there would be those who would fail.


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