No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2668

Internalizing that fact, Elder Maurice’s expression scrunched as though he had swallowed a bitter pill.

At the same time, both Benedict and Claude had overheard Jackie’s words, and their expressions soured even more. The pressure had already gotten to them at that point, but with Jackie’s no-nonsense statement, the pressure felt even worse.

The worst situation would be if not a single one of the four of them managed to refine the pill after a whole day; that would be absolutely embarrassing.

Elder Maurice’s lips twitched helplessly. “You two will have to work hard as well. I’ve seen the sixty ancient pill runes, and it’s not too hard to draw them, in fact. As long as you manage to compose yourselves, you’ll surely succeed!”

Elder Maurice looked at Claude and

Benedict seriously as he spoke, but Claude had a twisted look on his face, not knowing what to say in response.

Master Forrest cleared his throat before saying, “Alright, time’s up. The timer will start from now on. I’ve already had my people prepare the ingredients-they’re right behind you. We’ve even prepared the best furnaces for you, so you can show us what you’ve got now!”

Master Forrest then waved at the entrance of the hall. All of them looked over and saw a group of burly men carrying specially made wooden planks. With a shout, they walked in at the same time.

Jackie and the others were stunned, momentarily unable to guess what those planks were for. Master Forrest had probably been too emotional before and was not in the mood to explain at all.

Master Forrest ordered the men to place the planks in the right place. Astoundingly

strong physically, the muscular men quickly brought in the planks and arranged them accordingly and made up a total of six small rooms.

Even though the tops were sealed off, there were six isolated spaces. There was no need for Master Forrest to explain anything at that point. All of them knew what the small spaces were for.

After all, refining pills was something that did not allow for any distractions.

Spectators would have no effect on the first stage’s results. Even if they were distracted, they would be able to get good results if they composed themselves. However, refining pills was different, and everything would be in ruins if they made a mistake. They would not only waste time but their resources as well.

Even though the Three Suns Pill was a seventh-grade pill that was not all that valuable to any large forces, the materials needed to make them were provided bountifully. If they wasted the ingredients haphazardly, it would still be a large expense nonetheless.

Jackie could not help but let out a small laugh as he looked up at Master Forrest and Elder Maurice. He could not help but lament that even powerful forces could not use resources recklessly.

The six individual spaces were not large, but there was enough space for them to do anything they needed to. Each entrance had its label.

Master Forrest furrowed his eyebrows as he pointed to those labels. “We’ll go with your results from the first stage: Jackie will be number one, Bradley will be number two, and so on. All of you know your results better than I do, so go on.”

Master Forrest fell silent afterward; it was evident how bad his mood was. Everyone could remember how pleased Master Forrest had been during the first segment.


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