No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2667

During the first stage, Jackie had produced 300 pill runes more than he did, much to Bradley’s bitter disbelief.

Master Forrest could immediately tell what Bradley was thinking. He walked next to Bradley and whispered, “That brat might be talented in a way, but this stage is different from the last. Even though you’ve never seen these sixty ancient pill runes before, you’ve still carved other ancient pill runes before.

“As long as you can maintain your calm, you’ll surely refine them. Furthermore, I have faith that you’ll be able to do it in less than a day!”

These words, though uttered as compliments, were not blind praise.

It was just his inner thoughts. Bradley was no ordinary master. The Three Suns Pill should not be anything incredibly hard for Bradley. As long as Bradley was at his usual standards, He would be able to finish. refining the pill in one day.

Bradley would probably not even need a full day. The main focus of the tournament was Jackie and Bradley, and it all depended on which of them could refine the pill faster. Master Forrest did not want to admit it, but Jackie was very talented as well. He would probably be able to refine the pill in a day.

However, this was something they could not ignore. This time, they were competing in terms of speed.

Both sides thus began consoling their representative before the match started, most likely driven due to the pressure.

Elder Maurice patted Jackie by the shoulder and whispered, “You don’t have to feel any pressure; just do as you usually do. As long as you’re in your usual form, you’ll no doubt wow the crowd!”

Jackie’s performance had been far too great last time. Even Elder Maurice, who was usually quite modest, could not bear to be all that modest. With Jackie’s performance last time, Jackie should be able to get a good result in the match.

Furthermore, Elder Maurice felt like Bradley was no match for Jackie.

Mr. Zayne nodded and said, “You’re our key participant this time. As long as you do well, we’ll be able to win.”

Despite their praises, Jackie remained visibly passive. In fact, he felt somewhat… exasperated. There were some things he did not want to say, but Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne were expecting too much of him, so he had to say something.

After a deep inhale, Jackie commented, “Don’t hope so highly. The key this time isn’t on me or Bradley, but on Claude and Benedict. We’ll both naturally be able to finish refining a pill, but it’s not a done deal for the four of them.

“Claude and Benedict are at the same level as Conrad and Jameson. The key point will be who manages to refine a pill among them.

“Even if Bradley and I both manage to refine a Three Suns Pill in the shortest amount of Time, it’d be completely pointless if the other four can’t even succeed,”

Jackie’s words served as a reminder to Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne. It was then did they realize that Jackie was right. The key for the match was not on Jackie and Bradley.

The two of them were exceptional and would no doubt be able to refine a pill in a day, but such a case was uncertain for the other four participants.

The tournament might look into everyone’s results, but being able to, or even failing to, refine a pill depended on their skills individually.


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