No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2666

Both Claude and Benedict would end up shouldering the responsibility should they fail the tournament.

With that in mind, Claude felt his heart burdened deeply. He looked up as he shuddered, shooting a glance at Mr. Zayne and Elder Maurice.

The two of them were not relaxed either, but they focused fully on Jackie. Jackie had become their greatest hope.

Claude, noticing that both men did not gaze at him in disappointment, sighed in relief. He walked to Benedict and whispered, “It’s different this time. Before this, it was Jackie who’d shoulder the blame if we lose, and we won’t be implicated heavily. However, if we don’t manage to stave off the pressure this time and end up dragging the team down, then we’d be the one to blame. The consequences won’t be pretty.”

Hearing that, Benedict shuddered involuntarily. His mood sank as he felt tears pooling in his eyes. Alas, no one could help the two of them at that moment.

Both Claude and Benedict felt their chests tightening rapidly.

Perhaps both men were far too nervous that Elder Maurice averted his gaze from Jackie and gazed at both Claude and Benedict. When he saw their expressions, he knew what the two of them were thinking.

He could not help but frown as his expression turned cold. “Both of you must do your utmost best. This portion is just as important as the last. Even though we won the first portion, we’ll still have to go through the second part if we lose this one.

“I trust you’ve heard everything Master Forrest and I have said before; this is a best of three. If we win both stages, then we won’t even have to go through the last stage.

“However, if we lose, we’ll have to go through the third stage. If the two of you drag us down right now, rest assured you’ll be hearing from me when we get back.”

Those words caused Claude and Benedict to stiffen, and they felt, at that moment, just how severe the issue was.

Elder Maurice was right. If they won this one, they would not have to compete anymore.

The tournament was incredibly important, and the two of them suddenly felt a lot more nervous. Their bodies suddenly shuddered.

In truth, the ones from the Sky Peak Pavilion were not much better. After all, they had ended up losing in the first round, despite thinking that they had a sure win. The pressure greatly increased for them in the second stage. If they lost this time, they would have lost the tournament completely.

Not only would their reputation be affected, but they would have to pay up a lot of resources as well.

This was tremendously important to Sky Peak Pavilion, so much so that they would end up being punished, especially the organizer, Master Forrest.

Before the tournament, he had assured and swore to the higher-ups that they would win. Out of the blue, however, a dark horse joined the fray, and the results were out of their expectations. Master Forrest refused to accept this, but the dread he felt was undeniable.

Bradley’s calm expression had vanished completely, replaced with a frown on his face. The pressure was evident.

Even though he was exceptional, Jackie had been a foil to him. He would still receive punishment if they lost, even if he did his best.

In truth, Bradley did not really care if he

lost at all.

The most important thing was the fact that he was not as talented as Jackie. Bradley had thought that he was the best there was with his talent, but Jackie had somehow soundly beaten him.


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