No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2665

After Master Forrest’s words, everyone took up the plaque in their hands and at the same time looked through the contents. They had seen that there were three thousand and three hundred pills earlier, but since time had been limited, they did not look at it in detail.

After looking at it for a while, Bradley was the first to react. There was a look of shock on his face, “There are sixty ancient pill runes?”

Master Forrest nodded, “There really are sixty ancient pill runes. Even though it’s not that many, memorizing them and being able to draw them in one day won’t be a walk in the park.

“Ancient pills have their own unique forms and are different from the usual runes we see. However, the principles behind drawing them are the same. As long as you’re talented enough, you’ll definitely be able to completely memorize and draw them out.”

Master Forrest lifted everyone’s confusion at that. No wonder the Three Suns Pill was chosen, it was to test these abilities in the participants. Sixth-grade or above pills all required pill runes to be carved in them during refinement.

Each pill recipe would record in detail what runes needed to be carved. The Three Suns Pill might not be high-ranked, but sixty pill runes needed to be carved in.

They were all ancient pill runes. They had not even finished memorizing all the basic pill runes in the Hestia Continent, let alone ancient pill runes.

The sixty ancient pill runes were completely foreign to them. Hence, the key part of the test was to see if they were able to memorize and carve out those sixty ancient pill runes in a day!

They would also need to properly learn the recipe for the Three Suns Pill at the same time. After all, they had never refined the pill before. It was inevitable that some mistakes would be made. There were so many hurdles to overcome that even Bradley felt the pressure.

Only then did they understand what the key point of the test was. All of their confusion had disappeared, replaced with heavy pressure on their shoulders.

Other than Jackie, everyone present had a smile on their faces. Even if they were confident in themselves and confident in the fact that they would end up becoming one of the top alchemists of their own forces, they were a bit apprehensive about the Three Suns Pill.

That was because the Three Suns Pill was far harder than they had anticipated. Even though a whole day sounded like enough time, it included the time for them to get familiar with the recipe as well as remember how to carve those sixty ancient runes.

Benedict said with a dark look on his face, “Isn’t this too hard? Those ancient runes are so different from the runes we know now.”

“It’s incredibly hard to memorize them in a short time, and we need to do it in a day. I feel like…” Benedict might not have continued, but everyone knew what he wanted to say. That was because everyone wanted to say that they did not have the confidence that they could do it.

Benedict suddenly felt like he was incredibly useless. Even though they won the first stage, the person who contributed the most had been Jackie. All Benedict did was rely on Jackie.

This time, the test was different from the last. If he really failed to refine a Three Suns Pill in a day, he would really end up dragging his team down.

Claude’s expression was incredibly dark as well. He had the same worries as Benedict. He was also worried that he would be unable to refine the pill in the end while the Sky Peak Pavilion would succeed.


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