No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2664

An unlimited amount of materials meant that they could comfortably ignore any mistakes they made. All they needed to do was to refine it in a day.

That felt far too relaxed. The first stage had been so tense, but the second stage became much more relaxed. No one could believe it.

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he started to ponder on the question with the plaque in hand. Even though Master Forrest had made everything seem so relaxed, Jackie felt like the second stage’s test would definitely not be so simple.

At that moment, Bradley said, “What is the target for the test? Are we competing to see who refines the pill the fastest?”

Master Forrest nodded, “That’s exactly it. Whoever makes the pill the quickest will be the one who scores the highest score.”

However, the moment Master Forrest said that Claude refuted, “This isn’t fair, We’re all alchemists. We all know that testing an alchemist on the speed an alchemist can refine a pill is absolutely not the right way to gauge the level of an alchemist.

“The only way to test an alchemist is to see the quality of the pill they refine. Many high-level alchemists often use up a large amount of time refining a pill to make sure they put their full focus on it. Testing an alchemist this way won’t be able to test how good an alchemist is.”

Claude was absolutely right. Just as he said, testing the level of an alchemist could not be done through the amount of time an alchemist used. The thing that needed to be tested was the quality of pills that were refined. It was something every alchemist knew.

Claude knew that Master Forrest was an alchemist who should already know that. The tournament had been set by the higheroups from both ends as well.

However, he was too emotional at that moment, and could not really stop himself from asking.

Master Forrest raised an eyebrow as he looked at Claude with some disdain, “Do you really think I wouldn’t know something as basic as that? Since time is the criteria for this contest, there’s naturally a reason for it. You’ve all looked at the contents of the plaque earlier, but did you notice anything different?”

Everyone looked up and exchanged looks. Their eyes were all filled with confusion, obviously not having noticed anything.

Master Forrest let out a smile as he explained, “Have you thought about why we wanted to choose the Three Suns Pill?”

Of course, they had but try as they might figure it out, they could not understand why the Three Suns Pill was chosen.

Master Maurice held up two fingers, “There are two reasons. The first reason is that the Three Suns Pill is a secret pill. None of you would have ever refined the pill, so it’s completely new to all of you.

“What we’re testing is how long you need to figure out a new pill recipe.

“Meanwhile, the second reason is the main reason we chose the three suns pill. You’ve already looked through the contents earlier, and you’ve naturally seen what runes you need for the Three Suns Pill. You need a total of three thousand and three hundred pills runes.

“Out of those runes, only sixty of them are ones you’ve never seen before. The Three Suns Pill’s recipe is kept a secret precisely because of that.”


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