No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2663

Master Forrest looked at Conrad approvingly, “That’s right, you’re quite knowledgeable. The Three Suns Pill’s recipe has always been a secret. Alchemists like you would never be able to obtain the refinement method without first becoming a core member of any clan.

“It’s because the Three Suns Pill can quickly heal any injuries a person suffers from. It’s a secret that’s rarely passed on. Today, you’ll have to sign a contract if you want to take part in the second stage. Only those who have signed it will be able to get the recipe for the Three Suns Pill.”

Even though Master Forrest did not explain the details of the contract, anyone would be able to figure out that it was probably a contract to swear them to secrecy. When it came to that, there was not a single one of them who was not willing.

After all, obtaining the recipe for the Three Suns Pill was definitely a good thing to any alchemist. They could use that to make more spirit crystals from then on. However, Jackie was different, since the Three Suns Pill was something he already knew how to make.

After all, the ancient warrior used to stand at the pinnacle of alchemists. Pill recipes like that were not worth anything to the ancient warrior at all.

Furthermore, the effects of the Three Suns Pill were nothing that incredible. It was just to treat internal injuries, but for some reason, it had become a secret in the Hestia Continent. If a contract was not signed, it was impossible to tell how valuable it was.

There were so many pills that were more effective than the three Suns Pill, but only the Three Suns Pill was kept a secret.

After everything that had happened earlier, Master Forrest was in no mood to waste any time.

Since everyone had agreed to sign the contract, they proceeded with everything. The contracts were handed over to be signed. Jackie was already quite familiar with contracts, they were something that could not be changed.

The moment a contract was signed, it would be enforced by the laws of the world. If a contract was violated, one’s soul would get impacted by the backlash. Even a god would not be able to help.

However, there was nothing Jackie could do at that moment. He was forced to follow the crowd and sign the contract. After the contract was signed, Master Forrest continued the announcement, “The Three Suns Pill’s recipe is on this plaque in my hand. The plaque has the ability to store information. All you need to do is send out your senses, and the plaque’s contents will be revealed in your mind’s eye!”

As he said that, he distributed the plaques to the six participants. The moment they got the plaques, the participants all threw their divine senses inside. They were all quite composed. After they looked through it, they failed to see what was so special about the Three Suns Pill.

Even though the Three Suns Pill was considered a middle-level seventh-grade pill, the fact that it was being used for the tournament naturally meant that it should have something special about it. Yet, when they looked at it, no one could figure it out.

It was just a very simple seventh-grade pill. The ingredients needed to refine the pill were not that special either.

Master Forrest continued, “Refining the Three Suns Pill requires two Lorn Roots, a Starlight Grass, a Black Frost Flower. They’re all commonly seen ingredients.

This time, we’ve prepared enough for all of you. No matter how much you use up in the

day, you can continue trying it as long as the time limit still isn’t up.”

The moment he said that, everyone’s eyes widened as their confusion deepened.


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