No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2662

Claude’s shoulders shook as he started to lose his footing from shock. Jackie smiled as he said, “Don’t even think about working together with Elder Rick against me when you get back. If you dare to do that, the one who falls will be you!”

Claude shuddered, losing all hope. Jackie continued to say, “Just focus on obediently completing the tournament and stop with all your nonsense. I could treat you as if you don’t exist if you did that. However, if you try to cause me more trouble, I’ll immediately make you wish you were dead.”

Claude looked up at Jackie, seemingly finding a chance of survival. Even though Jackie did not say he would let him off, at least there was a chance.

Claude had really been thinking that he would definitely join Elder Rick’s camp for one last struggle if Jackie really wanted to force him into a corner. Even if Elder Rick looked down on him, as long as he showed that he was useful, Elder Rick would protect him.

However, Jackie had seen through his thoughts immediately. If he really did that, Jackie would definitely kill him first. Those words had completely dashed Claude’s hopes. However, right after that, Jackie had pulled him back from the dead.

Claude’s mental state was in constant fluctuation at that point. The moment Jackie said that, he immediately nodded and replied, “I won’t anymore! I’ll quietly complete the tournament. I won’t say another word that I don’t need to say!”

Jackie grunted and said nothing else. Time passed very quickly, and an hour went by in a flash. The five of them returned to the center of the hall instead. At that moment, Master Forrest had already recomposed himself.

Sky Peak Pavilion had returned to how they were at the start. Bradley seemed intent on keeping his gaze forward, not willing to talk to anyone. Master Forrest still had a smile on his face, but this time his smile looked incredibly forced.

There were a few red veins in his eyes. Even though he had already composed himself, Jackie could not help but feel like he was trying to force himself.

Master Forrest looked at Phoenix Valley’s group, and his gaze stopped on Jackie for a very long time. Jackie raised an eyebrow, ignoring everything Master Forrest was doing.

Master Forrest said, “Time’s up, the second stage of the tournament is about to start. This time, it’s very simple. We just need all of you to refine a middle-level seventh grade pill in one day.”

After he said that, all of the participants looked up strangely. Even though a middle

level seventh-grade pill was not easy for them to refine, it was not that difficult either.

They even had a whole day. It was more than enough time. Practically everyone there would be able to do it. Master Forrest was immediately able to guess their thoughts when he looked at their expressions.

His lips curled up into a cold smirk and said, “The first stage was already so hard, do you really think the second stage will be that easy?”

Naturally, none of the participants thought that the difficulty would be reduced, but they felt like refining a seventh-grade pill could not possibly be anything that hard.

Master Forrest continued, “The pill you have to refine is called the Three Suns Pill.”

The moment he said that, everyone was

stunned other than Jackie and Conrad. Conrad widened his eyes as he said, “You mean the Three Suns Pill that had always had its refinement process kept a secret?”


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