No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2661

If Jackie was actually someone who only knew how to brag like what Claude had claimed then Claude would have been fine no matter what he said. However, Jackie had just shown off his worth, and everything Claude had said would definitely be a huge problem if it got out.

Claude had mentally collapsed at that point. He gulped as he said, “Why do you have to be so petty? I might have said some nasty words earlier, but it hasn’t caused you any harm.

“I only said all of that because I didn’t know who you were. If I knew you were as skilled at this, of course, I wouldn’t have said anything!”

That excuse annoyed Jackie even more. The moment Jackie remembered the look on Claude’s face earlier, Jackie’s cold smile deepened, and refuted, “You’re calling me

petty? You claim that you just said a few harsh words… You’re really good at pushing responsibility away from yourself.”

The panicking Claude replied, “What is it that you want? In the end, I didn’t cause you any harm, so why are you hounding me like that?!”

If it had been in the past, Jackie would not have bothered with this, and would probably have just let him off. However, this time it was different. Jackie still needed to deal with that troublesome Elder Rick when he got back to Phoenix Valley.

If he did not teach Claude a lesson, he might be seen as someone with too soft of a backbone, so Jackie was resolved to not let Claude off easily.

That would just be sharpening Elder Rick’s knife for him. Claude was already trembling at that point, he was desperately trying to find some allies.

He abruptly looked up at Elder Maurice and shouted, “Elder Maurice! He’s threatening me at this point. I know I went overboard with what I did before, and I can apologize to him, but it’s too much for him to want to chase me out of Phoenix Valley!”

Elder Maurice raised an eyebrow, seemingly thinking of something. After thinking about it for a long time, he did not say a single word.

Claude had been waiting for Elder Maurice to stop Jackie, but Elder Maurice seemed to be thinking about something incredibly difficult. Looking at how Elder Maurice was acting, Claude immediately understood that Elder Maurice did not plan on interfering, and was allowing Jackie to do as he pleased.

Mr. Zayne had his head lowered, looking like he did not want to care at all. Claude’s heart chilled when he saw how the two of them were acting.

The Hestia continent really was a place where the strong ruled over everything. After Jackie showed his skills, the two of them were immediately placed in different positions. Even if Jackie was acting like that, the two of them did not seem to have any plans to stop him, even as higher-ups of Phoenix Valley.

They were allowing Jackie to continue threatening Claude like that. The more Claude thought about it, the more anxious he got. He nervously turned to look at Benedict, but Benedict was desperately trying to inch away to the side at that moment.

It was like he was trying to make Jackie feel like he did not exist at all. That way, he would not be targeted by Jackie. Seeing how Benedict was acting, Claude fell into despair.

Everyone went their own ways whenever there was trouble. After he was targeted, even his so-called brother refused to stand up for him. In order to avoid being targeted by Jackie, Benedict did not even dare to raise his head.


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