No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2660

Compared to the excitement from those two, Claude and Benedict were keeping a much lower profile. The two of them hang their heads low at that moment, not daring to say anything.

After all, they had insulted Jackie before, and the words they said had been incredibly harsh.

“What happened? Why wasn’t I humiliated?” Jackie suddenly said to Claude, causing Claude to stiffen. He had thought that Jackie would let him off if he did not say anything, so he was caught off guard by Jackie’s sudden question.

If it had been in the past, Jackie would not have bothered to waste his time on them. However, as time passed, he slowly started to develop a belief.

The more chances he gave others, the more they would try to cross the line. In his mind, Claude’s disdainful attitude constantly appeared.

Claude kept on acting as if he had the moral high ground and kept on trying to fault Jackie for every little thing which greatly annoyed Jackie.

Claude let out a slight cough, “You were definitely not humiliated. We never expected you to be so talented. Even Bradley wasn’t a match for you.”

Jackie let out a cold smile as he started to raise his voice, “Don’t always try to judge others by your own standards. I kept on repeating that before, but you kept on ignoring it. You weren’t judging me for Phoenix Valley’s sake, but for your own personal satisfaction. Someone like you isn’t worthy of remaining in Phoenix Valley.”

Jackie had really gone overboard with his words. Claude suddenly looked up at Jackie with wide eyes. Jackie merely looked back with a cold smile. Claude had planned on merely quietly accepting everything since Jackie was definitely extraordinary.

With Jackie’s results, he would definitely be heavily rewarded when he got back to Phoenix Valley. Then, Jackie would rise through the ranks. Being accepted into the inner valley was an eventuality.

Claude did not know what kind of special rights the inner valley had, but anyone would tell you that the inner valley was the core of Phoenix Valley. As long as Jackie entered the inner valley, Jackie would be able to deal with Claude very easily the moment Jackie amassed enough power.

That was why Claude had not planned on continuing to fight Jackie. Even if he had to be insulted by Jackie, he had planned on acting like nothing happened, acting like he was deaf.

However, Jackie’s words were clearly a threat to Claude. Jackie said that he was not worthy of continuing to stay in Phoenix Valley, so was Jackie planning on getting him kicked out? Looking at Jackie’s unwavering gaze, Claude felt like it was even more of a possibility.

He started to breathe faster, “What do you mean I’m not worthy of staying in Phoenix Valley? You’re not the one who makes that decision. You’re threatening me right now!”

Jackie scoffed as he said in a low voice, “I’m not planning on threatening you at all, because you’re not worth me doing that. I don’t know if you’re deaf, but didn’t I already tell you why you’re not worthy of staying in Phoenix Valley?

“Someone selfish like you probably doesn’t even care about the valley’s reputation. You teamed up with outsiders to insult me! You’re not worthy of staying in Phoenix Valley at all!”

Claude was scared stiff at that. Jackie did not seem to be joking at all. The moment Jackie got back and told everyone what had happened, Claude would not be able to get away scot-free.


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