No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2659

Master Forrest could not bear to just look on as Bradley was constantly getting angered by Jackie. After all, they still needed Bradley to help pull them back in the remainder of the tournament. However, looking at what happened earlier, the other two events did not look too good for them.

Yet, he could not just give up all hope. Before organizing the tournament, Master Forrest had promised the other elders that Sky Peak Pavilion would definitely win.

After all, they had Bradley as their assassin, and Master Maurice had looked into what was happening within Phoenix Valley. He had already guessed that it was very unlikely that the alchemists from the inner valley would appear.

It would definitely be alchemists from the outer valley. The difference in talent between the two valleys was night and day, they were not comparable at all. As long as the alchemists that came were from the outer valley, he would not need to worry about anything.

Things happened just like he expected. A total of three came, but none of them seemed particularly strong. It went just as planned, but he never expected that his trump card would have been trumped by theirs.

Jackie was an incredibly dark horse that caught everyone off guard. At that moment, Master Forrest had already thoroughly hated Jackie. If Jackie was not there, he would absolutely not lose this tournament.

All of his beautiful dreams from earlier had been shattered the moment Jackie announced his own result. Jackie let out a cold laugh, finding it funny how Master Forrest was trying to protect his golden goose.

Thinking about Master Forrest’s mocking words from earlier, Jackie decided he could not just let them go and refuted, “I don’t know if I would ever agree with that. He’s obviously going to improve if you give him time, but are you saying I’ll just never improve?

“No matter how much he improves, I’m just going to stay the same? Don’t you think that’s hilarious?”

Master Forrest’s face darkened as he clenched his fists together.

Elder Maurice was incredibly amused by that. All the anger he had accumulated earlier disappeared in an instant, and his mood completely recovered.

However, Master Forrest was not someone who only knew how to throw his temper around. He clearly knew that there was no reason to continue fighting with Jackie, just like how he had forced Elder Maurice into a corner earlier…

He had been in a position of absolute advantage, even if Elder Maurice talked his tongue off, he would only be laughed at. Yet, the situation had changed, and he was now the person who was being humiliated.

Master Forrest took a deep breath, “In preparation for the second test, we’ll give you an hour of rest. In an hour, the second portion will continue. I’ll announce the rules then!”

After that, Master Forrest coldly sat back down. Jackie raised an eyebrow, he would definitely be seen as too stubborn if he insisted on continuing to mock Master Forrest.

Elder Maurice would definitely stop him as well. After all, they were not enemies. Jackie’s lips twitched as he stopped reluctantly.

Since they had an hour to rest, he would naturally not waste his time on those from

Sky Peak Pavilion. He turned around and walked toward a corner in the hall.

He wanted to find a place to rest for a moment. At that moment, Jackie was in the center of the five of them. No matter where he went, Elder Maurice and the others followed. The five of them found a quiet spot far away from the center.

Elder Maurice had a very happy expression on his face. It was as if he had found light in the darkness. Mr. Zayne was not much different and felt like Jackie was his lucky star.


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