No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2658

Those words successfully caused Bradley’s expression to change drastically, particularly the last sentence. It caused Bradley’s breathing to accelerate. Even though he was not someone who was very emotional, he had constantly been put on a pedestal by others for many years.

His talents surpassed so many alchemists that he never believed he would lose to anyone. Hence, when he was mocked by Jackie like that after he lost to Jackie, he suddenly lost his composure.

Bradley’s mouth stiffened, “It’s still only at the first stage of the tournament. There are still two more stages. Don’t think you can beat me later just because you’ve beaten me now.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said casually, “Then let’s wait and see, I don’t really think you’re that good anyway…”

Jackie was intentionally provoking Bradley. After all, he had been angered so much earlier, so it was only fair that he got to vent his frustrations a little. Bradley’s words earlier had basically offered himself to Jackie on a silver platter.

He had already been angry, and Bradley looked and talked to him in such an accusing way. Elder Maurice had already forgotten how angered he had been earlier. He walked right over to Jackie.

He reached out and took Jackie’s condensing card and looked it over before he said in surprise, “You completed half of the easier ones and half of the harder ones. Even the best of seventh-grade alchemists would not be able to do what you did!”

After saying that, Elder Maurice patted Jackie on the shoulder emotionally.

Due to the limits of age, they were all still not at the level of being at the peak of seventh-grade alchemists. After all, standing at that peak meant that they were just a hair’s breadth away from becoming an eighth-grade alchemist.

An eighth-grade alchemist represented an alchemist that was already on the path to becoming a master. An eighth-grade alchemist would be incredibly respected even in the inner region of Middle Province.

Eighth-grade pills could even be auctioned off for good prices. The path that Jackie had set for himself initially was to become an eighth-grade alchemist before constantly refining pills to be auctioned off.

He would take any amount of spirit crystals he could get. After all, Jackie needed far too many of them. In Jackie’s eyes, being an eighth-grade alchemist was just a starting point.

After all, he had absorbed the memories of that ancient warrior. Even ninth-grade alchemists were nothing to him. Jackie’s words thoroughly angered Bradley.

Bradley’s personality should have been an incredibly calm one. However, even if he had been insulted before, it had never been as disdainful as how Jackie was looking at him.

Furthermore, he had never felt that sort of feeling constantly boiling in his heart, like Jackie had numerous times before. It caused Bradley to suffer so much that his breathing was erratic.

Mr.Forrest frowned, “It’s alright, this is just the first stage of the tournament. There are still two stages left.

“Even though you won the first stage, it doesn’t mean that you’ll win the other two stages.

“Our alchemists are only slightly below yours. If you give them some time, they’ll absolutely surpass you!”


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