No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2657

He nodded and replied excitedly, “Yes! We won! We have completely won! We got three hundred and fifty points more than they did!

They had thought that defeat was certain, but managed to gain a surprise victory. Even though it was only the first part of the competition, Jackie’s results proved that they would definitely win if he continued!

With that in mind, Elder Maurice looked up at Master Forrest. The moment he thought of how often Master Forrest had mocked him, he felt his anger soaring. Now that he had the chance, he would not let it go.

“Master Forrest, your eyes really are sharp. I wasn’t like you and could not tell how special Jackie was at a glance. He was able to beat you so decisively. Even though Bradley performed quite well, he’s still a distance away from Jackie!

“It’s all thanks to you for saying all of those words to console us. It led me to believe that Jackie was someone extraordinary!”

After Elder Maurice said that, Master Forrest almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He had thought that Sky Peak Pavilion would definitely win this time. Not only would they be able to gain a lot of resources, but they would also be able to bolster their reputation.

The moment the tournament was over, he would spread the results far and wide. The fact that Sky Peak Pavilion stood on top of Phoenix Valley would definitely cause them to be regarded much higher by everyone else in the future.

After all, Phoenix Valley was at the core of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. It was a place dedicated to cultivating alchemists. However, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, so Jackie had not been crazy after all.

Jackie had been so calm and had said so many strange things completely because he had been confident in his own talent and ability.

Jackie let out a smile as he looked at Master Forrest, “Thank you so much for the earlier praises. I have absolute confidence in myself as well. The Sky Peak Pavilion has talented alchemists, but they aren’t really much to me.”

Jackie was no idiot. Of course, he knew that Master Forrest’s earlier words had all been to humiliate him, so he had the perfect chance to fight back.

Master Forrest was so angry that his whole body shook. He almost collapsed on the floor at that moment, but thankfully Bradley was right next to him and reached up to help the swaying man.

At that moment, Bradley’s expression finally changed a little. From the moment Jackie announced his results, Bradley suddenly had a sharp expression on his face as he stared right at Jackie’s condensing card.

After Master Forrest steadied himself, Bradley finally said, “You completed a lot of very hard pill runes. You really are quite skilled.

“Why do you still have a sixth-grade alchemist badge? You should already have been a seventh-grade alchemist with your capabilities a long time ago. Why do you need to do that…”

Bradley frowned as he said all of that. He felt like Jackie was someone who enjoyed fooling others. Jackie clearly had skills that far exceeded a regular seventh-grade alchemist, so why did he still have a sixth grade alchemist badge on?

Bradley refused to believe it was not intentional. Jackie frowned as he replied to Bradley’s questioning look, “I’ve never taken part in the seventh-grade alchemist test, so I naturally won’t have the badge. What does the badge on my chest have anything to do with anyone else?

“I haven’t been in Phoenix Valley for that long. Even those from Phoenix Valley don’t really know me, so stop looking at me with that accusing look. If you have lost, then you have lost! Are you refusing to admit defeat?”


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