No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2656

“Your results are about to be announced, but you still insist on trying to brag. Do you assume we’ll think you’re amazing if you do that? Or maybe you think it will change your results?”

Jackie narrowed his eyes. Claude really was noisy. He really did not want to concern himself with those people and turned his condensing card around with his right hand before pointing at the number on the card.

“One thousand and two hundred pill runes. On top of their earlier results, Phoenix Valley’s total should be at two thousand four hundred and fifty pill runes, a total of three hundred and fifty pill runes higher than yours! So…we’ve won the first round!”

Jackie’s words were clearly heard by everyone. The noisy hall suddenly turned silent. There were even those who had forgotten to even breathe.

Everyone gaped slightly as they looked at Jackie’s card with disbelief. After a long while, Master Forrest was heard again, “Impossible! Did you complete one thousand and two hundred pill runes? How did you do it? How could you have done it?! You must have cheated! You absolutely cheated!”

Jackie lightly grunted unsurprisingly at how Master Forrest reacted. Anyone could guess that Master Forrest would say all of that after seeing his results.

Jackie rubbed his chin, saying righteously, “Master Forrest, you need to take responsibility for what you say!

“You claim I’m cheating? Then tell me how I cheated. Are you saying I didn’t complete the pill runes or that there’s something wrong with the condensing cards?”

Those words successfully shut Master Forrest up. His lips stiffened as he walked forward, wanting to shout out something, but he was not able to find anything to say.

That was because he could not think of any way to rebuke Jackie. The condensing cards had been personally made by Master Forrest and Elder Maurice. In order to prevent any cheating, they had chosen the runes on the spot.

There was no way to cheat in this test at all. Since Jackie completed those pill runes, it meant that he had the ability to.

Furthermore, even though Jackie had been competing in a corner earlier, he had been observed the entire time.

If he had done anything suspicious, he would have been noticed immediately. Even if Jackie did anything suspicious, Master Forrest could not figure out any way that Jackie could cheat.

Master Forrest gulped as he shuddered.

Elder Maurice’s eyebrows threatened to pop out of their sockets. His beating heart got erratic as he broke out in cold sweat.

He was dumbfounded at Jackie’s results and even suspected that he was hallucinating. He was worried that he was dreaming because it was far too absurd.

A sixth-grade alchemist, one who had just shown so many mistakes, had been able to complete a thousand and two hundred pill runes in a short six hours.

He had a total of two hundred and fifty pill runes higher than Bradley, who everyone had had their eyes on. Mr. Zayne grabbed Elder Maurice’s arm so tightly that it caused Elder Maurice to frown.

However, Mr. Zayne was far too emotional to notice that. He took a deep breath as he said emotionally, “We won! We really won!”

He was far too excited. Their earlier despondent mood suddenly lifted up. He almost lost control of himself. At Mr. Zayne’s words, Elder Maurice snapped out of his thoughts.


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