No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2655

Master Forrest allowed him to flip over the condensing card in his hand. With a flick of his right hand, he immediately showed his results to everyone there.

Master Forrest’s face lit up with a smile before he announced, “He completed nine hundred and fifty pill runes! What an excellent result. Adding it to the prior results, we have a total of two thousand and one hundred pill runes. If Phoenix Valley wants to beat this result, Jackie must complete at least eight hundred and fifty pill runes.”

Those words were practically a death sentence to everyone from Phoenix Valley. Jackie needed eight hundred and fifty pill runes to even force a tie with Sky Peak Pavilion. Before all this, Phoenix Valley had come with the confidence to win.

After all, Sky Peak Pavilion was not that

specialized in cultivating alchemists, nor did Elder Maurice believe that any talented alchemists would be at Sky Peak Pavilion. After all, for so many years, the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was where master alchemists gathered.

Everything that had happened that day had given him a vicious slap on the face. Phoenix Valley was no match for Sky Peak Pavilion, and they lost in a devastating manner at that. He would definitely be heavily berated by the higher-ups when he reported that result and his position as an elder might even be at risk.

The more Elder Maurice thought about it, the more despondent he got. He even expected his life to end up miserable in the future as he got more and more depressed. After Master Forrest announced Bradley’s results, he could no longer hold back the joy in his heart.

He was practically wagging his tail at that point. He said with a smile on his face, “The results aren’t fully read out yet, you don’t have to be so sad. Don’t you still have Jackie?

“Just look at Jackie right now, he’s not worried at all. If he had such an expression on his face, he must be incredibly confident in his abilities!”

Master Forrest was doing his best to praise Jackie at that moment, but his praise was practically just throwing insults at Phoenix Valley. Elder Maurice shook in anger when he heard that.

He immediately turned to look at Jackie. Just like Master Forrest said, Jackie looked incredibly calm at that moment. It was just the same as Bradley’s expression. Jackie had clearly seen how amazing the results of everyone else were, but he did not seem to care at all.

Elder Maurice had concluded that Jackie must be crazy. At least, Jackie did not seem to think the same as anyone else. Jackie’s result was clearly going to drag everyone down, and he would definitely end up being punished, but he did not seem to know any of that.

Jackie suddenly let out a slight smile and replied when he heard Master Forrest’s words, “Master Forrest, you’re right. I am very confident in my results.”

Jackie stunned Master Forrest at that moment. He had wanted to praise Jackie a bit more to deal a bigger mental blow to Phoenix Valley.

After all, it was just the start of the tournament. There were still two more tests waiting for them. The more unpleasant the condition Phoenix Valley was in, the more it would affect the final results, and the more likely Sky Peak Pavilion would win.

However, he never expected that Jackie would suddenly say something like that. It was no longer a matter of self-confidence, but something was definitely wrong with his head.

Master Forrest was speechless for a moment before he said, “Did you hear what I said earlier? If Phoenix Valley wants to beat Sky Peak Pavilion, you need at least eight hundred and fifty pill runes! Without that amount, Phoenix Valley can’t win!”

Jackie nodded slightly, but still maintained his nonchalant expression. Claude and Benedict, who were in a stupor and silent before, could no longer remain calm when they saw how Jackie was acting.

Claude shouted out, “Jackie! Is there really something wrong with your head? Did you really complete eight hundred and fifty pill runes? Even if you want to brag, you should do it in the right place.”


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