No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2654

The result could no longer be changed at that moment. No matter what his results were, it was already fixed. If he hesitated or tried to make excuses, he would be looked down on. So, he took out his condensing card and showed everyone.

Master Forrest said emotionlessly, “Six hundred pill runes. Phoenix Valley is currently ahead, next!”

Next was Conrad from Sky Peak Pavilion. His face stiffened as he reluctantly showed his results to everyone. Master Forrest coldly announced, “Six hundred pill runes, also an average result. Now Sky Peak Pavilion has one thousand one hundred and fifty pill runes.”

After that, Claude revealed his own results in a resigned manner. When Master Forrest saw Claude’s results, his lips curled up into a smirk.

“Not bad, you completed six hundred and fifty pill runes. It’s the highest so far. In total, Phoenix Valley has one thousand, two hundred and fifty pill runes. You have a hundred more than Sky Peak Pavilion, it’s quite a good result!”

As he said that, Master Forrest’s smile threatened to split open his face.

His meaningful smile was far too obvious. When everyone from Phoenix Valley saw that, they were infuriated. Master Forrest was starting to cross the line. He sounded like he was praising Phoenix Valley, but it was all just mockery.

Everyone knew that Bradley’s results were the best among everyone there. He had yet to announce Bradley’s results. What were a hundred pill runes?

Jackie was the only one left from Phoenix Valley who had not shown his results. Everyone other than Jackie knew that Jackie’, results did not need to be announced at all.

Jackie was going to drag them down in the end.

It would be a miracle if he was even able to complete four hundred pill runes. After all the results were totaled, Phoenix Valley would definitely lose. Elder Maurice’s lips twitched as the flames of anger in his heart raged again.

Mr. Zayne sighed as he wiped his face with his hand. Everyone had a sense of inevitable defeat around them. Phoenix Valley’s atmosphere was already at its lower point.

Other than Jackie, everyone was wondering what kind of punishments they would face when they got back to Phoenix Valley. Even though Jackie was the main culprit for dragging them down, all of them still carried some of the responsibility.

Elder Maurice was worried that he would not even be able to keep his position as an elder. After all, if they lose this tournament,Phoenix Valley would end up suffering in many ways.

The fact that something like that happened in such a crucial moment would definitely infuriate the higher-ups. The more depressed Phoenix Valley’s end felt, the happier Sky Peak Pavilion’s side got. Master Forrest could not even hide his smile anymore.

He turned to look at Bradley and said, “It’s about time you show us your results.”

As that was said, the calmness he had when he read everyone else’s results had vanished. Master Forrest was looking at Bradley with a look that was close to worship, but Bradley was definitely worth getting that look.

After all, his results were definitely something to be proud of. Furthermore, Bradley was incredibly calm. Even though he knew that his results were better than everyone else present, he did not show too much emotion on his face at all.


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