No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2653

After saying that, Mr. Zayne had a helpless and bitter expression on his face. Elder Maurice let out a long sigh. Mr. Zayne was right, there was no reason to fight at that moment.

Time was still ticking away. Not long after that, Master Maurice’s loud voice was heard, “Time’s up! Everyone can stop now.”

Everyone, including Jackie who was further away, stopped. Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly as he looked up, worriedly. He looked toward everyone in front of him.

He suddenly regretted insisting on wasting his time on the more complicated runes. He had calmed himself down and started to complete the runes while ignoring everything else in the world. Even though he trained by himself, he was far from the center and did not know how everyone else did.

He was suddenly worried that his results would end up dragging everyone else down. If it ended up being like that, then he would really be humiliated.

At that moment, Master Forrest waved at him with a smile. Jackie nodded and returned to his original spot with his card in hand.

At that moment, Jackie placed his card close to his chest, not letting anyone else see his results. He looked at everyone else’s condensing card with an inquisitive gaze.

What made Jackie curious was the fact that everyone else did the same thing, hiding their cards to their chest, not showing their results to anyone. That deepened Jackie’s worry.

However, his worries only lasted for a moment. He clearly remembered Elder Maurice telling them that the tournament was in three parts, and they were just on the first segment.

Even if he did badly in the first segment, he would not be dragging the team down if he made up for it in the latter two parts.

Elder Maurice emotionlessly stood in front. When he saw Jackie’s calm demeanor, his rage soared. At that moment, he really wanted to ask Jackie where Jackie got all his confidence.

Even when the results were about to be announced, he still managed to look so carefree!

Jackie felt like Master Forrest was looking at him with an incredibly warm gaze as if he was an alchemist from the Sky Peak Pavilion. Master Forrest let out a slight cough after looking at Jackie before shifting his gaze to Jameson.

“We’ll start from you. Show us your results. Let me repeat it again. The results this time will be based on your totals.”

Jameson’s eyes shifted worriedly. He was not very confident in himself, but since Master Forrest had chosen him to be first, he did not delay things at all.

After taking a deep breath, he handed over the condensing card in his hand. He showed his results to everyone present, and Master Forrest did not seem surprised at his result at all.

After all, Master Forrest had been in front of the five participants and had easily been able to see their results.

Master Forrest said, “Five hundred and fifty runes. This result isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. Continue working hard. Next!”

After he said that, he shifted his gaze to Benedict. Benedict’s expression stiffened as he gulped, shooting a glance at Elder Maurice.


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