No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2651

At that point, even Mr. Zayne was furious. When the results are out and if they lost, they would have to pay a large price. At the same time, they would completely lose their dignity as well. Sky Peak Pavilion would definitely announce this news everywhere.

When the time comes, Phoenix Valley would both lose material and its dignity. This matter would definitely cause large waves within Phoenix Valley. Since he was a part of it, he would definitely not be able to shed any responsibility and get punished for it.

He might not even be able to keep his current position. Just thinking about that gave Mr. Zayne a headache. He started to hate Elder Rick as well.

“Before, he never did anything clean either. If we want to deal with him, we’ll have to dig everything up.

“No one ever did anything about it before because he never caused anything particularly bad even by using official matters to settle his personal grudges. It’s different this time. If we lose, we’ll all be affected, and he won’t get off easily!”

Elder Maurice nodded at that, already planning out how he would deal with Elder Rick when he got back to Phoenix Valley. At that moment, Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne were already resentful of Elder Rick.

If Elder Rick did not recommend Jackie, they might still have had the chance to turn things around. However, at that point, it would already be a miracle if Jackie did not drag them down, let alone turn the tables.

Jackie was already incredibly far away from the center at that point. None of them knew how many pill runes Jackie had already completed, but none of them wanted to know either.

Even if they did not bother looking, they could guess that Jackie was probably not even at a hundred pill runes. Based on his earlier speed, it would already be impressive if Jackie managed to complete three hundred pill runes in six hours.

Jackie would definitely drag everyone down with his results, and cause them to lose the tournament. The two of them had increasingly sour looks on their faces, while Master Forrest had a devilish smile.

At that moment, Master Forrest was already thinking about how he would use this win to climb to greater heights. Then, he would definitely have all those people who had targeted him or looked down on him before, look at him with looks of admiration and jealousy.

Master Forrest got more and more excited as he thought about it. He could not stop himself from smiling. Elder Maurice saw the huge smile on Master Forrest’s face, and his heart exploded in anger again.

There was nothing else to say at that moment. At the most, he would only end up being a joke to others. He tried his best to compose himself. When the fifth hour started, there were some of them who were already on the brink of collapsing mentally.

Among them, the one who was the least stable mentally was Benedict. His face constantly paled as he clenched his teeth and battled the condensing card in his hand.

It was not far away from the end of the time limit. Everyone was trying their best to get through the last stretch. At that moment, Benedict had already completed six hundred pill runes, but that was already his limit.

There was not one rune from the remaining thousand and four hundred that he could

complete. Each time he tried to complete a new one, it would not achieve high refinement, or would collapse due to him drawing the rune wrongly.

Completing six hundred pill runes was not a good result for Benedict. He did not pay any attention to the three from the Sky Peak Pavilion, but he could see how Claude was doing.

Claude had already completed six hundred and forty pill runes and was still continuing, but Benedict was already at his limit. Even though the two of them had been good friends for many years, Benedict had never thought that Claude would do better than him.


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