No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2650

Two of them knew very well that they had encountered an opponent that they could not defeat! On top of that, they had someone dragging them down. It seemed like Phoenix Valley’s hopes of winning were getting murkier and murkier.

Elder Maurice took a deep breath. He looked like his own father had just died. Mr. Zayne frowned as his mood sank as well.

Even though only two hours had passed, there was more and more of a gulf in the results. Of the five in the center of the hall, the four who were not Bradley had more or less even results.

They were all at less than three hundred runes completed. They were at least a hundred runes behind Bradley. Furthermore, Bradley showed no signs of slowing down. At that moment, he had ignored all the noise around him just like Jackie.

His hands constantly moved with a faint blue glow. His fingers constantly danced around as the pill runes he condensed floated around like spirits.

Elder Maurice looked at Bradley and whispered, “We’re done for this time. We don’t even have to wait four hours to know the results.”

After that, he could not help but turn to look at Jackie in the distance. At that moment, Jackie looked more or less like he did before. Jackie’s emotionless expression caused Elder Maurice to clench his teeth.

He had already resigned himself to his fate, he did not even have the heart to berate Jackie anymore.

Mr. Zayne sighed in exasperation. He did not know what else to do. When he first met Jackie, he had thought that Jackie had a bright future. Jackie did everything with an incredibly calm demeanor.

Those sorts of people would usually always end up being very successful. Yet, he felt like his earlier judgments had all been wrong. Jackie’s various actions were all incredibly confusing to him.

Even Mr. Zayne started to suspect if something was wrong with Jackie mentally. Otherwise, Jackie would not have done something so nonsensical. Jackie clearly knew his skills were limited, so why did he brag so much, as if he would definitely deliver the results.

Elder Maurie had already lost all hope. After a sigh, he started to plan how he would explain himself when he was being judged by the other elders. He tried to think of ways to reduce his punishments.

After all, the tournament was incredibly important this time.

Phoenix Valley might not have been pulled into the war on the surface, but they were still the core of the alliance in the end. The stability they had was just a facade. If they paid a heavy price this time, the following days would be even harder.

The elders would definitely not let this matter rest. Thinking about that, Elder Maurice got so angry that he whispered to Mr. Zayne, “I won’t let that Rick off. It’s not the first time he’s done this. I can forget about what he did before, but this is such an important matter, and he actually used it to settle a personal grudge by recommending this mindless brat!

“He’s mostly responsible for this, I’ll definitely make him pay!”

Mr. Zayne nodded. With Mr. Zayne’s personality, he would not add anything even if Elder Maurice was criticizing another elder like that.


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