No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2649

At that moment, Elder Maurice had already pinned all his hopes on Claude and Benedict. He prayed in his heart for the two of them to perform better.

Since he was no longer at the center, Jackie managed to get the peace he wanted. Of the two thousand pill runes he needed to complete, the harder ones took up a quarter of them.

Jackie put all his focus into those incredibly hard pill runes. Even if he failed, again and again, it did nothing to diminish Jackie’s confidence.

He would immediately try again after he failed. After all, he had the support of the ancient warrior’s memories. The memories were his best teachers. He immediately knew where he went wrong and knew where he should focus on for the next attempt.

After two hours, Jackie had managed to complete a hundred pill runes. Of those hundred pill runes, not a single one was easy. Even though he had constantly been completing the runes, Jackie still took care to constantly keep track of the time.

There were only four hours left. If Jackie kept on focusing on the harder pill runes, his final results would probably actually end up really bad.

He needed to pick up the pace so he could show some good results in the end. Jackie put all his thoughts into refining the pill runes, completely ignoring everything that was happening around him.

Compared to Jackie’s focus and composure, it was a completely different atmosphere at the center of the hall. That was because Master Forrest started to proudly praise Bradley’s results again.

“Not bad! You managed to get four hundred and fifty pill runes in just an hour. It’s the

best result here. As long as you keep at it, you’ll be the best performer!”

Those words were honest praise from Master Forrest. After all, Bradley’s results actually were the best of everyone present. As long as Bradley kept it up, Sky Peak Pavilion would win.

Phoenix Valley was the core of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. As long as they defeat Phoenix Valley, Sky Peak Pavilion’s name would soar, and they would be able to attract even more talented alchemists.

He would also be bolstered by this and gain an even higher position in Sky Peak Pavilion. Compared to Master Forrest’s excitement, the faces of the contestants were even more interesting.

Even the two from Sky Peak Pavilion could not resist stopping what they were doing as they looked up at Bradley. Claude got so anxious that his hands started to shake, and his expression turned into one of panic as well.

He looked at his own condensing card. He had only completed two hundred and ninety pill runes. They were over a hundred runes apart. Even though only two hours had passed, the distance between the two of them had grown.

Claude was starting to feel disheartened. Could he catch up to Bradley? Would he be able to catch up to Bradley if he did his best for the next four hours?

At that moment, Claude no longer hoped he could do better than Bradley, but only that he could catch up to Bradley. However, the more he thought about it, the less possible it felt.

Benedict’s right hand clenched tightly. The pill rune he had just completed suddenly exploded in the air. He was not in a much better mood than Claude.


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