No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2648

He wanted Phoenix Valley’s internal conflict to escalate. Then, he would be able to enjoy the commotion from the side. The more Phoenix Valley embarrassed itself, the happier Sky Peak Pavilion was.

Elder Maurice almost exploded at Master Forrest’s words, but he suddenly snapped out of it at that moment. He constantly remembered that Master Forrest did not have any good intentions.

Of course, he would not fall for Master Forrest’s trick. He let out a cold snort as he turned his head over and said, “Phoenix Valley knows what our own standards are. Master Forrest, you should focus on yourself.”

Master Forrest’s mouth stiffened as a sharp look flashed on his face. However, he still shut his mouth up and did not continue to instigate Elder Maurice.

It was not because Master Forrest was afraid of Elder Maurice, but because Master Forrest felt like Phoenix Valley would definitely be humiliated after the six hours were up. The Sky Peak Pavilion would definitely win against Phoenix Valley.

If he mocked them then, Elder Maurice would not be able to be so hard-headed. At that point, Mr. Zayne could not hold back anymore, he pulled at Elder Maurice’s sleeve before saying, “The tournament is still going on. Everyone, don’t waste your time.”

That successfully served as a reminder to Claude and Benedict that what they were doing was the most important. Since that kid was stubborn, then they would wait until the official results were out before they berate him.

Jackie let out a helpless sigh as he suddenly did something that shocked everyone. He took his condensing card, turned around and headed toward the corner of the hall.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at Jackie in confusion. Elder Maurice shouted, “What are you doing?”

Jackie stopped at Elder Maurice’s yell, not really caring about what Elder Maurice was saying. Instead, he stopped to look around before he decided the distance was far enough. Then he turned to face everyone, “I need to do this in silence. This spot is suitable for that.”

Everyone was speechless when he said that, feeling like Jackie was acting stranger by the minute. Elder Maurice’s temper flared up again, his calm demeanor that he had just regained was gone again.

He felt like Jackie’s every action was mocking him. Master Forrest could not help but laugh, Jackie was far too hilarious.

Could he really think that he would get a good result? He was just insulted a bit earlier, but he actually chose to leave the center to find a corner to continue.

It was like he wanted to show everyone that his results were very important and that he was incredibly confident in himself. Even Conrad could not help but say, “What’s this guy doing? Does he think he’s a master?”

Jackie had naturally done that for his own reasons. After Elder Maurice compared his results to everyone else, he forgot about his position as an elder and the pride of the valley as he started to berate Jackie. Jackie could not completely ignore it.

However, answering Elder Maurice would just waste his time. He also needed to constantly listen to the mockery around him. Jackie had actually treated the tournament as an incredibly good chance to train. It was not worth it for him to waste any time on that at all.

That was why he had decisively chosen to stay away from those people. They could talk as much as they wanted, as long as it did not affect him.

Even Master Forrest was speechless, feeling like Jackie was far too strange. He let out a laugh as he shook his head.

Elder Maurice was already so furious that he did not know what to say. The time was still ticking, and eventually, Elder Maurice and Master Forrest composed themselves.


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