No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2646

Master Maurice had deliberately said so to cause the others to lose their composure. Those who were not able to calm themselves even started to pale.

Everyone knew that the tournament was incredibly important. If they ended up dragging their side down, they would definitely be punished. At that moment, everyone could not help but stop, except for Jackie who was still calmly condensing pill runes.

All of them looked over at Bradley who was in the same state as Jackie. No matter what happened around him, and what anyone else said, he remained calm while condensing pill runes.

Even Master Forrest’s praise earlier had failed to distract Bradley. It was as if the person being praised was not him.

Master Forrest let out a laugh as he continued, “Of the six contestants, two of them are the most composed. The first is Bradley from the Sky Peak Pavilion, while the other one is Jackie from Phoenix Valley.”

Master Forrest sounded like he was praising Bradley, and had brought Jackie up as well. However, everyone knew that Jackie had only managed to condense ten pill runes at that point. There were ninety pill runes between the two of them.

However, Jackie remained incredibly composed. Even if Elder Maurice was already so infuriated that he was about to berate and curse at Jackie, Jackie acted like nothing of the sort was happening.

One of them was at rock bottom, while the other was at the top. Praising them together was actually the same as insulting Jackie.

Elder Maurice got so exasperated that he almost lunged over. Elder Maurice had been holding back the whole time so Jackie could do his best.

Even though Jackie was condensing the pill runes at a snail’s pace, Elder Maurice did not say anything too bad. However, he was beginning to lose control.

Elder Maurice frowned and said, “Jackie, don’t forget what you told me earlier!”

Jackie had naturally not forgotten his promise to Elder Maurice, but Elder Maurice was clueless to what Jackie had planned. Jackie had always been someone who did as he pleased. Others did not need to know what he was thinking, as long as he fulfilled his promises.

Jackie frowned as he said somewhat coldly, “I’ll naturally not forget what I said before. The tournament’s just started. You don’t have to be so anxious before the final results are out.”

Elder Maurice’s temper flared even more at those words. He felt like Jackie’s actions were a direct challenge to him, and he started to wonder if there was something wrong with Jackie’s head.

Otherwise, how could Jackie remain so calm at such a time?

Elder Maurice narrowed his eyes, “How many pill runes have you condensed so far? Look at how many everyone around you already has. If this continues, don’t you think your results will drag everyone down?”

If he was not forced to, Elder Maurice would not have said all of that in front of the Sky Peak Pavilion. After all, it was thought he had no confidence in his own people. Jackie pursed his lips helplessly, feeling Elder Maurice’s anger from his words

However, Jackie was not willing to allow that old man to ruin his plans. He looked up to face Elder Maurice earnestly and said, “I’ll say the same thing. The tournament’s just started, and the victor hasn’t been decided yet. You don’t have to panic so much. I have my own plans, you just have to wait for the results.”


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