No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2645

Yet, even after he slowed down, he still failed at the very last stroke. After it crumbled again, Jackie could not help but frown.

It really was the hardest pill rune. Even an eighth-grade alchemist might not successfully refine it in his place.

Jackie had the help of the memories and knew where he had gone wrong and how to correct it. After a long time, Jackie finally condensed the pill rune successfully.

After the pill rune was filled up, the condensing card did not make the pill rune disappear, which meant that the refinement rate was at sixty percent. That pleased Jackie quite a bit.

After all, The Way of the Divine Void Pill was at a much higher level than any normal Way of the Pill. The higher the rank, the more stable the pill runes are, and the higher the refinement rate.

A sixty percent refinement rate was actually not that hard for Jackie. Jackie might have gotten good results in the test the last time, but he still only ended up in fifth place. Yet, that did not mean that it was the extent of his abilities.

He had placed himself at that level because he did not want to attract too much attention. If he did too well, he might end up being noticed by the higher-ups and be used as a lab rat.

He had not planned on entering the inner valley then. After all, Jackie felt like Phoenix Valley was an incredibly dangerous place. However, Jackie’s opinions had changed, and there was less of a reason for him to hide his abilities.

After condensing the pill rune, Jackie looked toward the second one. It was also one of the harder ones.

At that moment, Benedict said anxiously,

“Was that not at sixty percent? I clearly got it to sixty percent!”

After completing a pill rune earlier, Benedict saw it crumble in the condensing card because it was not at sixty percent refinement. It immediately affected Benedict’s mental state.

Elder Maurice frowned and shouted, “Calm down! If you keep being so anxious, it will affect your final results! As an alchemist, composure is very important as well!”

As he said that, Elder Maurice’s voice was incredibly serious. In truth, even though the contestants were not in a very stable mental state, they still had much more control than Elder Maurice.

Elder Maurice was trying his best to look like he did not care about the results that much, but inside, he was on the edge of exploding at any time!

Mr. Zayne clearly felt Elder Maurice’s anxious mood. His lips twitched helplessly.

If Phoenix Valley really lost the tournament, Elder Maurice would definitely be scolded when he returns.

Mr. Zayne would not be spared either. Thinking about that, Mr. Zayne started to regret accepting this task back then. No one knew there would be so many variables.

Phoenix Valley was not performing too well, so Master Forrest was naturally incredibly happy. At that moment, his smile almost reached his ears.

After he looked at Bradley, he let out a smile as he said, “Not bad! You’ve already completed a hundred. Continue with your hard work.”

Those words successfully demoralized the other contestants even more. Everyone had been focused on the condensing cards in their own hands, none of them were focused on the results of the others at that moment.

However, Master Forrest’s words successfully announced to everyone that Bradley had already completed a hundred pill runes. Most of them were only at forty or fifty, Bradley’ was almost double theirs.


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