No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2644

That rune was the hardest one to refine among the two thousand runes. Jackie let out a faint smile as his right hand constantly danced. A golden glow constantly flowed out from his fingers.

As he moved his fingers, a faint golden pill rune slowly appeared in his hand. However, just as he was going to complete his final stroke, his hand slipped again, missing out on a stroke.

The pill rune immediately let out a bang as it suddenly disappeared. Jackie’s performance caused everyone to widen their eyes. Even if Jackie did not turn around, he could still feel the gazes of others.

Elder Maurice’s temper boiled over. For Jackie to fail on the first rune was way too weak of him.

If that continued on, it would already be quite decent if Jackie was even able to complete a hundred pill runes in six hours!

Thinking about that, Elder Maurice suddenly felt ill. Mr. Zayne could not help but frown as he looked at Jackie speechlessly.

Mr. Zayne was somewhat familiar with Jackie, but he had never really seen Jackie’s skills for himself. Yet, what he saw then was Jackie failing at the very first rune.

Jackie’s failure had successfully attracted the attention of the other five contestants. All of them looked over, and Claude could not help but let out a laugh.

Claude had already completed five pill runes at that point. Looking at how Jackie had failed on the very first rune, he was incredibly amused.

Jackie had been so proud of his skills earlier as if he was the best in the world. No matter what Claude said, Jackie would just shoot him down. Yet, when it was time for them to show their skills, Jackie was performing so badly.

Elder Maurice frowned as he glared at Claude. Claude was taken aback by that, was it wrong for him to laugh? Jackie had said so many horrible words before, did none of them hear them?

Jackie had bragged and placed himself on such a high pedestal, but ended up only having that little bit of skill. What was wrong with him laughing? Claude could not help but snort, “I thought this guy was so amazing, so he was just talking up a storm the whole time. He doesn’t have a single bit of skill, but managed to brag so much!”

Elder Maurice frowned and scolded him, “Shut your mouth, you’re not doing that well either!”

Claude pursed his lips, not really happy about it. He wanted to add a few more words, but he knew that the tournament was more important. He wanted to use his skills to deliver a blow to Jackie.

Master Maurice let out a laugh as he said in a warm tone, “There’s no need to be so nervous. Even though this tournament is a more formal one, it doesn’t mean you’ll always be stuck at this level your whole life. You have to compose yourself for this tournament.”

They sounded like words of consolation, but they were filled with deep mockery. Everyone present had been able to tell that much. Elder Maurice was so angered that his face was turning red. He really wanted to shoot down those words.

However, Jackie was still an alchemist on their side in the end. If Jackie was only at that level, there was nothing he could say that would be convincing. All it would do was get him laughed at.

Hence, Elder Maurice was forced to swallow his anger as he glared viciously at Jackie. Jackie heard all of the mockeries around him, but not a single word affected Jackie’s mood.

Jackie did not care how everyone else looked at him. After the first rune broke down, he tried again immediately. This time, he slowed himself down and allowed his body to follow his memories.


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