No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2643

After Master Forrest said that the others all looked at him with a dumbfounded expression, other than Jackie and Bradley. It was obvious they did not understand what Master Forrest meant.

Why would the last point be about testing their composure? What was there to test? The others did not understand, but Jackie immediately understood it.

After struggling to condense a rune, an alchemist would definitely be affected mentally if a rune they had so painstakingly formed crumbled because it was not at sixty percent refinement.

The more runes that crumble, the more the alchemist would panic. They would then make more and more mistakes and it would affect their final results. It seemed like it was a test that Elder Maurice and Master Forrest both agreed on.

“Alright, stop with the errant thoughts, it’s time for the test to start! The clock has started ticking. You only have six hours, so stop wasting your time on needless thoughts!”

Those words caused everyone to compose themselves and immediately put their full focus on the cards in their hands.

Jackie frowned as he looked at the condensing card. To Jackie, even if the runes in the card were left with twenty percent, Jackie would still immediately know how to complete it.

After all, that ancient warrior was a top alchemist in a first-grade world. All of the runes were as easy as ABC in his eyes.

If it were not for the fact that his memories were still not fully in tune with his body, even ninth-grade pills would be incredibly easy to refine for Jackie.

Jackie did not start condensing the pill runes immediately. Instead, he started by looking

at how many pill runes were at the highest difficulty. He did not want to be like the others and start with the easiest runes.

Completing pill runes was quite different from refining pills. When refining pills, not only did one have to maintain the pill, they needed to condense pill runes as well.

The moment one pill rune went wrong, all of their hard work would be wasted. That was why it was so hard to become a highgrade alchemist.

On the condensing card, condensing pill runes were different. The pill runes on the card were independent existences. Even if the pill condensing went wrong, one would be able to start over without affecting the other pill runes.

Jackie’s biggest problem was not that he did not recognize the pill runes, nor was it that he did not know how to draw them. It was that his body could not keep up with his memories.

His hands would not be able to keep up with his mind, which was why he would make mistakes. However, the tournament was actually a good chance for Jackie to practice. After all, even if there were mistakes, he could start over!

With that in mind, a sliver of a smile appeared on Jackie’s mouth. At that moment, he suddenly heard Elder Maurice’s anxious voice.

“What are you looking at over there? Do you think six hours is very long? Why aren’t you starting yet?!”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. He had been focused on finding out which pill runes were the hardest to refine. He had forgotten that everyone else had already started while he was still looking around.

Elder Maurice who was already not very trusting of him in the first place suddenly lost his cool. Jackie’s lips twitched as he put his gaze on the thousand and twentieth pill rune.


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