No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2642

Benedict’s words successfully consoled Claude and calmed him down.

Jackie raised an eyebrow after he heard Benedict’s words. He retorted, “The two of you are just annoying clowns in my eyes. You’re right, the tournament is about to start. The truth will be revealed soon, just don’t cry then.”

After saying that, Claude and Benedict’s eyes widened, unable to believe what they heard. Was that guy crazy? He actually thought they would cry?

Even Benedict, who had a good temper, was almost unable to take it anymore and about to rush forward to fight Jackie. However, he was held back by Elder Maurice.

Elder Maurice frowned and started berating the three of them, “All three of you, shut up! Don’t you know where you are? Why are you trying to start a fight and embarrass yourselves?

“You should be focused on yourselves and your thoughts should all be about the tournament. I don’t care who’s bragging or not. I won’t let anyone off if they drag us down!”

Right after he said that Master Forrest’s voice was heard on the other side, “Time’s up, contestants, prepare to start.”

Master Forrest snapped them out of that tense atmosphere. Claude and Benedict glared at Jackie before they turned around and headed toward the center.

Sky Peak Pavilion’s stewards gave each of them a condensing card. All three of them got the same condensing card.

In order to ensure fairness, the three cards had just been made by Elder Maurice and Master Forrest earlier. After accepting the card, Jackie looked it over once.

Elder Maurice announced the last rule,

“You only have six hours! Once the six hours are over, we’ll keep your condensing cards even if you haven’t finished. Everyone heard me?”

The six of them nodded at the same time. After looking at their nod, Master Forrest suddenly had a glint in his eyes, as if he thought of something.

“That’s right, the condensing card in your hands was made with a special array. It has a few additional functions compared to the cards you’ve gotten before,” After saying that, Master Forrest deliberately paused for a moment.

Everyone looked at him strangely. Master Forrest seemed to be trying to bait everyone in. When he saw how everyone was looking at him, Master Forrest let out a smile as he continued, “The condensing card has a very special function. If the runes you completed don’t reach sixty percent refinement, the moment you complete them, the runes will crumble by themselves.

“That means that the runes that you can complete will all have a sixty percent refinement. The moment you complete it, the results can be announced!”

The moment they heard that everyone’s eyes widened. Why was such an important piece of news left to the last moment to be announced?

Jackie frowned as he turned to look at Elder Maurice. Elder Maurice merely looked forward without a change in expression. It was obvious that he already knew about that piece of news. If he already did, then why did he not let them know before?

When Master Forrest saw everyone’s curious reactions, he smiled and explained, “We did so deliberately. The reason is simple, we want to test your adaptability.

“Announcing this at the very last moment will allow us to see what your mind is capable of when you’re facing unpredictable dangers.

A successful alchemist requires not only talent and ability but composure to face danger as well. There’s no need for any more talking, we will start now!”


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